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Birthing Pavilion Location at DHMC

The Birthing Pavilion is located on Level 5 of the DHMC campus in Lebanon, NH.

North Entrance closure

Please note that the North Entrance at DHMC is closed due to the construction of the new patient pavilion.

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Parking information for Birthing Pavilion patients and families

Urgent situations – when time is of the essence

Go to the Emergency Room.

  • Park in the Emergency Room parking lot.

Non-urgent situations – when there is time to park the car

Park in the Main Entrance parking lot.

  • A Parking Officer is stationed at the Main Entrance Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, and can assist you with parking if requested. To request assisted parking, drive up to the Main Entrance doors, and speak to the officer.
  • After hours: Park in the Main Entrance parking lot and walk in.

Parking during your family’s stay

During your family’s stay, you may park in the:

  • Main Entrance parking lot
  • Parking Garage

Leaving the hospital at discharge

  • Please use the Main Entrance when you and your family are ready to leave the hospital at discharge.
  • The Birthing Pavilion staff will give you a parking pass that will allow you to park at the Main Entrance circle for 45 minutes.
  • During this time, you may return to the Birthing Pavilion to gather your family members and belongings.

For more information about parking at DHMC, please refer to the Parking, Transportation, & Maps page. See also DHMC entrance hours.

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