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Normal Labor & Delivery

Depending on the team you have seen during your pregnancy, the doctor or midwife on duty will meet you at the Birthing Pavilion.

They will work with the Birthing Pavilion nurses to help you through your childbirth experience. This team may use different aids, such as hydrotherapy tubs, birthing balls, and birthing stools, to make your labor more comfortable.

Physicians and midwives are always available throughout your labor.

Upon arrival

When you first arrive at the Birthing Pavilion, we will monitor the baby's heart rate at rest for 20 minutes. If you need continuous monitoring, we can give you portable equipment that lets you walk around but still provides us with the information we need.

Easing labor

Non-medical techniques

  • There is some evidence that being immersed in water helps ease pain, so we have two large spa tubs available for labor.
  • You can also take a shower to relax.
  • We encourage you to walk around as much as you can during labor to help your progress.
  • We have birthing balls and squat bars available if you would like to use them.

Pain medication in labor

  • Depending on whether you have complications, and what you and your team determine is best for you, you may opt to manage pain with an epidural or IV medications. Anesthesiologists are available throughout your labor.
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