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Glucose Screening Test

Around 28 weeks, you can have a glucose screening test, which measures how well you process sugars, and makes sure you are not at risk for developing gestational diabetes.

You will have the test at our laboratory before your prenatal appointment, so please leave enough time beforehand to have your blood drawn. You can also choose to have the blood test a day or two earlier, if that is more convenient. You do not need an appointment to have your blood drawn.

Don't forget the lab form that you were given at your last appointment.

Preparing for the test

  • You will have been given a small bottle of glucose solution beforehand. Drink half the bottle one hour before the test, and then discard the rest.
  • You do not have to fast before drinking the solution (unlike a regular glucose screening), but do not eat or drink anything else but water afterward.
  • You must have your blood drawn exactly one hour after you drink the glucose, so please time your visit accordingly and arrive at the lab 15-30 minutes before the hour is up. Tell the receptionist when you need to have your blood drawn.

Your results should be available about 24 hours after the test. If the test suggests you may have gestational diabetes, you can have a more in-depth glucose test.

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