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High Risk Pregnancy/Maternal Fetal Medicine

In Bedford,  Lebanon and Nashua, N.H., Dartmouth-Hitchcock's Maternal Fetal Medicine teams care for women who are having out-of-the-ordinary pregnancies.

We have specialized training in managing complicated pregnancies and births.

You may choose to see us if you have concerns about your pregnancy, or you may be referred to us by your prenatal care team. In some cases, you will return to the supervision of your prenatal care team after meeting with us. In other cases, we will provide all your prenatal care.

Patients who use our services may:

  • Have preexisting medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes that need to be monitored
  • Be expecting multiple babies and have to be monitored for other complications
  • Want to screen for genetic conditions such as Down syndrome or spina bifida

Prenatal Testing and Genetic Counseling

This specialized team offers genetic counseling and testing for women who are at increased risk for having babies with birth defects. You can seek counseling at any point before, during or after your pregnancy.

Video: Risk - Consequences of a Near-Term Birth

More than 30,000 late preterm deliveries each year, either by induced labor or cesarean, are strictly elective - and avoidable. What are the possible outcomes of these deliveries? The stories of moms Bonnie and Andrea, and the perspectives of Dartmouth-Hitchcock obstetricians Dr. Michele Lauria and Dr. William Edwards, can help you learn more about the risks from this procedure.

Watch Risk: Consequences of a Near-Term Birth

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