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Prenatal Testing and Genetic Counseling

Pregnancy can be a wonderful and exciting time of anticipation. Most pregnancies result in healthy babies. However, 3-5 percent of all babies are born with birth defects regardless of your history, exposure, or age.

For this reason, all women are offered the option of screening and diagnostic tests during their pregnancies to determine whether they are at a higher risk to have a baby with certain types of birth defects. If you wish, you may speak with a genetic counselor from our Prenatal Diagnosis Program at any time, even before you become pregnant.

The decision to have any testing is up to you, and you can discuss it further with your doctor or midwife. You may choose to take additional tests depending on your family history, health, and pregnancy symptoms.

This video and our companion booklet (PDF) can help you determine whether prenatal screening is right for you.

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