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Second Trimester

Please note: Many of the prenatal tests mentioned are optional. Particular tests and visits may occur several weeks before or after those listed, and the frequency of your standard checkups will depend on how you are feeling.

14-16 weeks

You will have a standard checkup with your midwife or obstetrician. We will check your weight, blood pressure, and protein and/or sugar levels in your urine. We will measure your belly. We will review any recommended or optional test options. You'll hear your baby's heartbeat on a special Doppler monitor as well.

18-20 weeks

An ultrasound (or fetal survey) will monitor for physical problems, verify your due date, and possibly reveal your baby's gender (if you wish).

Maternal serum screening (Alpha fetaprotein, or quad marker) is an optional blood test to screen for Down syndrome, trisomy 18, and open neural tube defects.

If you are at risk for genetic problems, your provider may refer you to the Maternal Fetal Medicine Department for an amniocentesis, a sampling of the amniotic fluid.

24-28 weeks

A glucose screening test will tell you if you are at risk for gestational diabetes. If so, you will have a more detailed glucose test. (If you already have diabetes, this test is not necessary.)

We will test for anemia.

If your blood is Rh-negative, we will test for antibodies.

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