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Conditions Related to Pregnancy

Some conditions and situations are found only in pregnancy.

More information

  • Gestational Diabetes: Details about a condition that is first discovered during pregnancy, but almost always goes away after delivery.
  • Incompetent Cervix: Information about an incompetent cervix and how to treat it.
  • Miscarriage: An article on our Dartmouth-Hitchcock Healthwise® Health Encyclopedia website about the loss of a pregnancy during the first 20 weeks.
  • Morning Sickness: Topic on how to manage morning sickness from our Dartmouth-Hitchcock Healthwise Health Encyclopedia website.
  • Placenta Previa: A topic about the causes and treatment of placenta previa, which occurs when the placenta lies in front of the cervix in the lower part of the uterus.
  • Placental Abruption: A description of placental abruption, a partial or complete separation of the placenta from the wall of the uterus.
  • Postpartum Depression: A topic about major depression triggered by childbirth from our Dartmouth-Hitchcock Healthwise Health Encyclopedia website.
  • Preeclampsia: Symptoms and complications related to preeclampsia, or high blood pressure during pregnancy, also known as "pregnancy-induced hypertension" (PIH).
  • Premature Birth: Information on what to expect when a baby is born early from our Dartmouth-Hitchcock Healthwise Health Encyclopedia website.
  • Severe Vomiting: Details about severe vomiting during pregnancy, a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum (HEG).
  • Teenage Pregnancy: Information about teen pregnancy, issues, and how to stay healthy.
  • Triplets and More: A topic about multiple pregnancies (more than two fetuses).
  • Twins: An overview of having twins, identical or fraternal.
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