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Golf Tips

A Five Minute Stretching Routine for Golfers

These quick stretches can help limber your body before the start of a game:

Neck rolls: slowly roll your neck clockwise and counter clockwise – complete 10 rotations each way

Shoulder stretches:

  • hold a golf club in front of you with a hand at each end of the club; raise it over your head and hold for 5 seconds
  • hold the club the same way behind your back and lift up to stretch the shoulders and hold for 15 seconds
  • grab each elbow with the opposite hand and pull it across your body to stretch the outside of each shoulder, hold for 15 seconds

Side bends: with hands resting on your hips, bend side to side and hold for 15 seconds; complete 3 repetitions on each side

Trunk rotation: with arms crossed and hands resting on the opposite shoulders, rotate the shoulders and hold for 15 seconds in each direction, complete 3 repetitions on each side

Static hamstring stretch: sit on the ground with both legs extended in front of you; reach towards your toes with your arms extended; this stretch can also be done standing with straight legs, reaching your arms toward your toes; hold for a minimum of 30 seconds to improve your flexibility

Continue a stretching program throughout the season because improvements fade quickly as soon as you stop.

Now that you've stretched – move on to swing practice:

  • Start swinging the club gently; begin with a half swing and work up to a full swing after several minutes
  • At the driving range, hit shots starting with a pitching wedge and work up to the driver; if you can't go to a driving range prior to playing, use the same warm up without hitting any balls
  • Focus on proper mechanics and a slow, easy stroke
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