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Workshop: What to do for Arthritis in the Hands and Knees

View the presentations given by Orthopaedic and Rheumatology experts at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center on October 16, 2013.

Learn about the anatomy of the hands and knees, causes of arthritis and symptoms you may feel and surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

Overview of Arthritis in the Hands and Knees

Lin Brown, MD, Rheumatology, DHMC

Hear Dr. Brown describe what arthritis is, other health considerations which may be involved, what arthritis looks like in the joint, and the categories of joint disease (inflammatory or degenerative process). Learn what factors are studied when a doctor is diagnosing arthritis, including information from the patient’s health history, a physical exam, lab work and  x-rays. Dr. Brown also gives tips on what you can do to help with arthritic conditions. The best outcomes are in people who feel they have control over their disease. The key is to make sure you have an array of tools to help with managing the disease.

Arthritis in the Knees

Karl Koenig, MD, Division Leader, Joint Replacement Team, Orthopaedics, DHMC

Dr. Koenig reviews the anatomy of the knee plus he outlines the normal symptoms in the knee as you age. The knee naturally degenerates over time. See what a “normal knee” looks like and how the stages of degeneration affect the knee, along with physical effects. Dr. Koenig covers a range of treatment options - non-invasive options, injections, arthroscopy for specific problems in the knee up through pain medication, walking aids and joint replacement. Plus, learn why exercising is a good thing even when it might hurt to use the joint. The important point is to make the decision on the treatment that will be right for you.

Arthritis in the Hands

Lance Warhold, MD, Division Leader, Upper Extremity Team, Orthopaedics, DHMC

Learn how often osteoarthritis of the hand shows up and the impact of the problem in your daily life. Dr. Warhold covers the causes of arthritis in the hand, including excess weight, and symptoms. Find out which joints are involved and what a doctor looks for in a physical examination and an x-ray. Interesting home remedies are offered as well as non-invasive treatments and guidelines for use. When does surgery make sense? Is a joint replacement in the hand effective? For basal joint (thumb base) arthritis sometimes time is the best treatment option.

Question and Answer Session with Drs. Brown, Koenig and Warhold

Question topics include how to manage activities, if arthritis spreads, the use of a brace, acupuncture and other alternative treatments, other common hand ailments and if they are related to arthritis, life expectancy of a joint replacement, information on the internet, and patterns of wear in the knee.

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