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The knee joint is the largest and one of the most commonly injured joints in the body. It is made up of the lower end of the thighbone (the femur), which rotates on the upper end of the shinbone (the tibia), and the kneecap (the patella), which slides in a groove on the end of the femur.

The knee also contains large ligaments (like the anterior cruciate ligament), which help control knee movement by connecting bones and bracing the joint against abnormal types of movement. Other parts, such as the articular and meniscus cartilage, cushion your knee or help it absorb shock as you bend, straighten, and put weigh on it. The collateral ligaments run along the sides of the knee and help limit sideways movement.



For an explanation of all our treatment options see our Joint Pain Treatment Options section.


Special Programs

Joint Replacement Program (Lebanon)
A specialized group of surgeons, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners whose sole focus is hip and knee replacements and other treatments for joint pain. Named a 2011 Blue Distinction Center for Hip and Knee Replacement(SM).

Sports Medicine
A team of specialists and physical therapists that specialize in treating adults and children with any sports-related injuries and chronic conditions. Treatment is based on evidence-based care to get you back to your passion in as little time as possible.

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