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Pain Management: Bedford

If you suffer from Pain (non-cancer pain) your doctor may refer you to our Department of Pain Management at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Bedford.

We design individual customized programs to assist patients in pain relief and management.

Acute pain is an important warning, signaling the need for medical attention. Usually pain goes away when the problem is solved and healing takes place.  For some people, pain persists after healing has taken place because of enduring damage to the body part of faulty nerves.  The presence of persistent pain makes it difficult to lead a normal life.  It interferes with family, work, leisure and even simple daily activities.

People with acute, chronic and intermittent pain often struggle to find effective treatment and people who understand their condition.  The Pain Management Department was designed to help people understand and effectively treat pain complaints.  After a clinical evaluation, a treatment plan is established based on the findings, including but not limited to medication, physical therapy and life style modifications with possible nutrition, neurosurgeon, injections and/or psychologist consults.  Patients must be willing to try new ways to manage their pain and believe that a life change in dietary and exercise regime may be instituted.

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