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Who Benefits from Palliative Care?

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Our team provides personalized services, resources and support for patients with a wide range of medical challenges.

Common types of patients we help include people living with cancer, cardiac issues (such as heart failure or heart valve issues), neurological issues (such as stroke or ALS), complex surgical or medical issues requiring prolonged or repeated hospitalizations, or any serious medical illness that may significantly impact length or quality of life for the individual with the disease or their family.

Patients usually receive palliative care services along with other medical treatments, such as intensive care, state of the art cardiac care, and specialty cancer care including innovative clinical trials. Palliative care is not the same as hospice services, and is usually utilized much earlier in the course of an illness. Palliative care delivered at the same time as other medical care has been shown to improve quality of life for the patient and caregivers, improve symptom management, and in some circumstances even improve survival.

Please see the Services page for a list of the services we provide to patients and families.

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