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D-HH Heroes Page 2

Thank you D-HH Heroes!

Mrs. Mccaffrey's class says thank you!

An inspiring thank you from Mrs. Mccaffery's second grade class.

Amalia shares this thank you piece for her dad and D-H staff.

Inspired by the powerful lyrics of Alicia Keys' new song, "Good Job," and equally inspired by our Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Heroes, we've created this tribute to celebrate their continued dedication to our patients, our communities, and each other.

This is a piece I played dedicated to the essential workers - Ben

Thank you nurses for all you are doing today and every day. You are true heroes.

2/3 east

Our nurses are D-HH Heroes!


Thank you health care workers!

We rise up to every occasion and have shown we can all stick together and overcome all odds. All my coworkers have been amazing help in this time of crisis. The amount of support each one of them has given me and others can’t be replaced. This, my friends, is why we are DHMC STRONG! We are all hard workers, and have proven this through this troublesome time. Thank you for all you do and we will make it. I share this beautiful photo of my drive in [...} Thank you to those who made it!

Hanover, NH


Thank you OMFS team!

So proud of my coworkers in Oral Maxilla Facial Surgery, and the hard work and caring they show every day we are in clinic and doing procedures.

Oral Maxilla Facial Surger, D-H Lebanon

Employee Wellbeing Committee

Locally sources lettuce distribution from LefFarms

Members of Live Well Work Well, staff volunteers, and the Employee Wellbeing Committee distributed over 2500 packages of locally sourced lettuce generously donated by LefFarms. Employees also received recipes and information about health coaching.

Employee Wellbeing Committee

Solidarity among healthcare workers

Members of Live Well Work Well and the Employee Wellbeing Committee distributed 200 battery powered candles throughout the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center to be placed in [office] windows as a sign of solidarity among healthcare workers.


Thank you to all my co-workers and DHMC staff for working together through this pandemic, and making sure patients come first. It makes me proud to work with such a great group of people. Keep up the amazing work and we will get through this.

D-H Lebanon


Celebrating 1 West heroes

Thank you Hannah, Morgan, and Mallory for rocking it during the first week of testing in Concord! Great team work from everyone.

D-H Concord


Celebrating 1 West heroes

A Special Thanks to the D-H Heart and Vascular Team for giving our Environmental Services Team an UP inspired care package! We really appreciate all that you do and are so grateful for [your support of] our team! Here's Lookin Up!

Environmental Services, D-H Lebanon

3rd Floor team

D-H Nashua 3rd floor team

"When life brings big winds of change that almost blow you over, close your eyes, hold on tight, and believe." -Lisa Lieberman-Wang

D-H Nashua


Thanks for helping the sick. You put your health behind [those who need care].

Swanzey, NH

Lauren & Danyelle

D-H Concord

Thank you to Toni, Alex, Morgan, and Hannah for being our implementation team for the D-H Concord testing tent!

D-H Concord


Thank you healthcare workers

My son with the poster he created with aid. He wanted to send a thank you!


Thank you from Kearsarge Regional Elementary School

Thank you healthcare employees from Sydney and students at New London's Kearsarge Regional Elementary School. We hope the sweet treats, flowers and kindness rocks made your day.

Wilmont, NH

1W Leadership Team

Celebrating 1 West heroes

[We are] celebrating our 1 West Heroes in scrubs for Nurses Week.

D-H Lebanon


Thank you health care workers

Thank you to all the hospital staff working so hard during this difficult time. My kiddo wanted to share a quick note to let you know that we're thinking of you and appreciate you!  ❤️

Springfield, VT


My sincere gratitude to everyone's effort. Please know you are appreciated.

Des Moines, IA

Vascular Access

Vascular Access is here for you!
Vascular Access, D-H Lebanon


Thank you to all my colleagues for all you do!! TOGETHER WE GOT THIS!!

System Staffing Office

D-H Heater Road

D-H Heater Road

Sign thanking front line staff outside the D-H Heater Road clinic.

Neonatal Special Care Unit

Environmental Services Workers are D-HH Heroes!

Shout out to one of D-H's hardest working environmental services team members. This woman not only works her heart out to make sure our unit is clean, but does so with a smile every single day, without fail! As an added bonus, she also loves to bring in her delicious home cooking! Our environmental service staff are all D-H Heroes!

NSCU, D-H Lebanon

D-HH Heroes

3E Covid Unit Nurses are D-HH Heroes!

No matter how great the technology, nothing replaces a warm smile and coversation, especially in your native language.

Nurses on 3E COVID Unit, D-H Lebanon


Thank you all for your dedication to healing the sick during this pandemic.

Wilder, VT


We can push through this!

As seen on the bike path in Wilder, VT


Thank you for helping, and risking your life for everyone else. I don't know how you are doing this; I would be so scared to do what all of you guys are doing every day all day long. I don't know [how] we can all repay all of you guys dealing with this stuff. I hope you all are ok, and I thank you all so much. You guys are amazing. Keep pushing. Thank you for doing this, and helping everyone, even people across the world. Just keep doing what you are doing and helping the world little by little.

Norwich, VT


Eli raised money by selling chicken eggs for our healthcare workers

I am a 10 year old 4th grader at Hanover Street School, and I raised money by selling eggs from my chickens for my 4th grade Make a Difference (At Home) project. I hope it helps all the hospital workers to be better protected!

Lebanon, NH


Heater Rd facility staff

Thank you to my D-HH Heroes Ann and Rebecca, who have been working the front line at the D-H Heater Road facility greeting and screening patients and staff. These two ladies have made the days where things change at a moments notice much easier with their kindness, positive attitudes, and genuine care for the people who walk through the door. I can't forget to give a shout out to Jason from Security who has made more trips around this building than most all of us and checking in and making sure everything is as it should be and that the staff is safe.

D-H Lebanon, Heater Road