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D-HH Heroes Page 4

Thank you D-HH Heroes!


We appreciate all you are doing

Dear D-H/Geisel:
We appreciate all you are doing to support our community during this crisis. Your quick response in initiating this fund shows true leadership based on kindness, generosity and love. Thank you for being helpers and showing others how it's done well. It gives me hope for humanity.

Woodstock, VT

(Thank you Mundy and Chippers for the recognition and your generous donation to the Community Relief Fund!)


Thank you so much for all that you do! Know that there are people cheering you on and in awe of all that you are doing! Stay safe and healthy!

Rye, NY


Thank you all - I listen to several national and global news stories about the sacrifices and challenges of healthcare workers. Whether the story is about NYC, South Korea, or Italy, I am thinking of all of you here in the Upper Valley, working so hard to protect us and save lives. Even closer to home, my parents recently moved here, to a wonderful independent living community associated APD & DH. The professional and protective environment you have helped create to keep them safe is exceptional and so appreciated. Thank you to the entire community: physicians, nurses, assistants, therapists, support staff, administrators. We are lucky to have you leading our community.

East Thetford, VT


Thank you healthcare workers, grocery workers, first responders

Members of Keene Rotary Club showed their appreciation on Friday, April 24th. They lifted everyone's spirits!

Cheshire Medical Center

Rutland Regional Hospital

Thank you D-H Lab from Rutland Regional

The D-H laboratory has been assisting the Rutland Regional Hospital laboratory with COVID-19 testing. The Rutland Staff sent over a very much appreciated gift of goodies and a card to show their appreciation.....! #LaboratoryStrong!

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine


I would like to thank all of the environmental service staff for keeping the hospital clean. As well as the LNAs, Medical Assistants, Nurses, Doctors, Secretary’s, the D-H security, Food service attendants and all the others currently working on the front lines. Your work and dedication does not go unnoticed!

Lebanon, NH


My name is Dennis Aydin, and I am a high schooler living in Indianapolis, IN.
Like most people, I am trying to stay at home in self-quarantine and not go out and interact with other people. However, the past month has been one of the most frightening I’ve seen in my relatively short life. Every day I hear news broadcasts about the coronavirus that dishearten me. For example, a couple weeks ago, I learned that children and babies could die from the coronavirus, a critical piece of information which was completely different from what I had been hearing before then.
It’s because of information like this that I am afraid to go outside, to get close to other people, to stop washing my hands every couple minutes. However, I feel less afraid because I know that there are teams of people out there trying to help us all survive this crisis, often risking their personal physical and mental well-being. It's because of your brave actions that I have started my campaign to send thank you notes to hospitals across the nation and around the world. Healthcare workers have become invaluable in the fight against COVID-19 and they all need a gesture of appreciation. I know that there aren’t as much resources available as there should be, and your bravery and humanity in trying to help coronavirus patients as well as all the other cases you have, during this time is incredible and admirable. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work that you are doing for both the COVID-19 patients and for the community. Thank you so much for your leadership and your aid.

Indianapolis, IN


Love and thanks to all essential workers

Message posted on the front facade of the church.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, White River Junction, VT


Thank you so much for being there for the people in need during this time. It takes strength and bravery to do what you are doing and you are doing an amazing job! Keep up the good work and have a lovely day!

New Hampshire


Sending so much thank yous and admiration for you folks on the front line of this virus thing. Truly you are the bravest of amongst us, and I just wish that God will look over you and keep you safe and healthy. Stay strong, stay safe, and may your families also be safe and healthy in these times. Thanks from all of us

Bradford, VT


Thank you to Red Kite Candy for [your] generous donation of caramels. They were delicious!

Lebanon, NH


Thank you radiology technicians

Thank you to our Laboratory Technologists. We see how hard you have all been working and appreciate all you are doing. Here is a little something from our teams in radiology!

Radiology, D-H Lebanon


How about ALL of those engineering folks! Thank you!

Reception area, D-H Lebanon


Dear Health Care Worker, Thank you for sticking through with your jobs to save people's lives. We know how scary the corona virus is and it's even more scary when your always around people who have it. But you're doing great. Keep doing what you're doing. Our community is staying in our houses so we can prevent it so we can help you guys too. Have a great 2020.

Freemont, NH


Dear Health Care Worker, thank you for helping us through this hard time and making sure we are healthy and well. Thank you for risking getting sick for our well being. Thank you for everything!

A riddle:
What question can you never answer yes to?

Are you asleep?

Freemont, NH


Thank you from Timberwood

Timberwood Commons in Lebanon says Thank You!

Lebanon, NH


Thank you radiology technicians

Here in Radiology we appreciate all your team is doing! In light of extensive testing due to COVID-19 and Laboratory Technologists week we want to say a special thank you!

Radiology, D-H Lebanon


I'd like to thank ALL of the Medical Laboratory Professionals, (and very fitting for Lab Week), for all of their endless work not just during Covid-19 but all of the time! You ladies and gentlemen are AMAZING! Thank you for going above and beyond behind the scenes! Stay safe and THANK YOU again! :)

Lebanon, NH

Cheshire Strong

Cheshire strong!

Cheshire Strong!

Cheshire Medical Center


I'd like to take a minute to just thank my General Ambulatory Service co-workers! Thank you for all you do! Thank you, Elizabeth, Barbara, Donna, Nancy and Tricia for being our fearless leaders. I am grateful and blessed to be part of such an AMAZING team! Stay safe everyone. I love you!

D-H Lebanon


We appreciate you!

Thanks to all of the nurses and staff. 13 year old hannah’s mom is a nurse.

Sunapee, NH

A student

Thank you!

Many thanks!

New Hampshire


Shout out to Hunter, Dave, Rich and the rest of the amazing Supply Chain team. Thank you for going above and beyond!

Volunteer Services, D-H Lebanon


We appreciate you!

A window at Cheshire Medical Center

Cheshire Medical Center


You are stronger than you think

We had a message up in our windows that face the parking garage for employees and patients alike to see and although it was beautiful from the view inside, it was not legible outside. We have updated it. Being in Pediatrics, we thought a message from Winnie the Pooh was appropriate... "You are stronger than you know, Braver than you think and more loved than you imagine!" Stay well everyone! We're all in this together!

CHaD Pediatric Clinics, D-H Lebanon


We appreciate you!

Thank you for everything you’re doing!

Reading, VT

4F Receptionist

To Michelle, Hearing Aid Coordinator / Specialist extrodinaire! Another SuperHEARo working in the Audiology Department [and] making sure folks have working hearing aids even through COVID-19. We love our Michelle! Thank you for your work! :)

Tunbridge, VT


Thank you to all the lab and radiology techs who do such an awesome job on the Front Lines!!!

Cheshire Medical Center Emergency Department

Security friend

Just want to say THANK YOU to all security staff at DHMC. You constantly put others before yourself. You go to work everyday with a selfless attitude knowing you would put yourself in harms way before anyone else. Lot's of people forget about you because you're in the background, but you truly are an amazing team. THANK YOU for all you do to keep people safe!!!

Canaan, NH


We appreciate you!

A big thank you to Mila our Environmental Service Tech and her helper, Keisha, who work hard every day to keep the ICN super clean!

Intensive Care Nursery, D-H Lebanon


A very special thank you to our D-H Heroes in Retail Pharmacy Services. [They are] on the frontlines serving patients at our retail sites including DHMC, Centerra Pharmacy (24/7!), Dick Hall's House and Cheshire. Thank you to our Call Center, Mail Team, Specialty Pharmacy, Quality Team and Inventory Team. I would also like to thank the other pharmacy service lines: Ambulatory Care, Inpatient Pharmacy, Oncology Pharmacy, Investigational Drug Services, 340B team, pharmacy residents as well as pharmacy staff at all D-H affiliates. Thank you to all of our leaders and administrative staff for your support. If you're part of the collective D-H pharmacy services in any capacity and I did not mention you - thank you! We're all in this together.

D-H Specialty Pharmacy


Cheshire Medical Center

Window at Cheshire Medical Center

Cheshire Medical Center


You are all angels sent by God above to take care of us. Thank you for being brave enough to go to work for the on the front lines. What would we do without you? Stay safe, stay strong and stay well. May God watch over you and protect you from the virus.

Washington, NH


Masks for donation

Amazing how life can change in an instant! Thanks to all the Doctors, Nurses and heath care worker for the work you do! Stay home, be safe! I am not bored! I make masks to donate! My wife Priscilla helps! No time to be bored!

Manchester, NH


A huge shout out for my Radiology team and all the efforts they put forth on a daily basis. We are facing some very challenging times. I am very proud of my team who face this challenge and continue to do their jobs daily and without a second thought.GO TEAM!!

D-H Nashua