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D-HH Heroes page 7

Thank you D-HH Heroes!


Thank you for risking your lives every day to fight against this virus and protect me, my family, and literally everyone I know. We'd have a whooooole lot of other problems if you weren't saving lives. You are making a huge difference everyday and I'm so thankful.

Also, thank you for preventing 28 days later.

Croydon, NH


We cannot believe how much you are doing to help in the battle vs. COVID. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH! I pray for you to get rest so you can regenerate and go back in there!

I am on the Cape taking care of my high risk parents and if it weren't for you, we would all be sick. I think GOD every day that you are still safe.

Hang in there!!!

Planifield, NH


I would like to thank everyone who has helped us get through these tough times. Your work is greatly appreciated and truly helpful. Here is a quote to help get you through this: "Tough times never last, but tough people do". You got this, Stay strong, and thank you!

Sunapee Middle High School


Thank you to everyone who is helping to fight against this pandemic that has overtaken our world. To quote High School Musical, We are all in this together! We can do it, and the first step is to have brave leaders such as yourself, to help those in need.

Stay strong and remember, there is always a rainbow at the end of a storm!

Sunapee Middle High School


For those of you on the front lines, making a difference every day, here is a safe way to show our appreciation:

Sunapee, NH


Thank you to all DHMC Staff for all you hard work!! Please stay safe.

Lebanon, NH


Dear Health Care Worker, Thank you for working at the hospital for this situation going on. I know this situation is terrible right now but its gonna get better eventually.

What do you put in a bucket, is weightless , you can see it, and it makes the bucket lighter?

Answer : A hole

Fremont, NH


Thanks to all Doctors, Nurses, LNAs, technicians, and EVS Staff. and all those who don't usually get mentioned or thanked while working behind the scenes. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS.

DHMC Main campus


I would like to thank the MA and LNA ambulatory staff who stepped into train for an inpatient surge. MA staff are not training for inpatient and yet they willingly and enthusiastically volunteered to be trained by completing in person skill demonstration and many, many on line modules. I am so honored to work in ambulatory with this incredible group of people!

Lebanon, NH


I would like to send a thank you to Brooke Donoghue, a reg rep (receptionist) at D-H Lebanon. She is there every day, helping those patients who need to be seen with ENT issues (tumors etc) and communication issues such as hearing loss, impacting access to their care. She has been such a professional even during these times of uncertainty and fast changing rules and recommendations. There have been trying times being out on the front lines but she has continued to show up and get the job done. Thank you Brooke!

D-H Lebanon


I want to thank all those on 2E that are amazing. Knowledgeable, helpful, teachers and advocates. Thank you for all you do day in and day out. It's inspiring to see all that you do and how you do it and what a team you become even with others that are not from your area. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! YOU wear CAPES!



To ALL upper management: Incident Command : Nurse Trainers : THANK YOU! To say what you've done in such a SHORT time is impressive, just doesn't cover what I have witnessed.

Coming to work feeling safe, protected and cared for is immeasurable. For not only our EE's but our Patients as well.

I'm honored to be part of such an amazing organization.

I hope y'all get some MUCH needed sleep, relaxation and some pampering!

Thank you!



Thanks DHMC for taking care of our community!

Thank DHMC for taking care of our community!
Heroes in

Message and artwork submitted from Joycelyn, age 10

Hanover, NH


I would love to thank the computer help desk phone team, the admin teams, the telehealth teams and all of the former help desk employees and volunteers who all jumped onto our phone lines who worked non stop to help get all of our employees set up to work remotely, and to support everyone working at home. It has been an enormous undertaking and you have all risen to the occasion and have shined brightly. I am super proud to work with all of you!

Help Desk


Thank you to all on the frontlines!

We live on a fairly busy road in Woodstock Vermont and wanted to show our support for everyone on the front lines. We made these signs for our windows so people driving by could see them! This is Decker, my 3 year old son who helped make the signs!

Lebanon, NH


Thank you for all you do. You are heroes! Stay healthy, stay Strong.

Sunapee, NH


Thank you to everyone who has been working and keeping people safe and helping people who need it.

Rumney NH


To my fellow night-shift Environmental Services workers- you are amazing- you always thinking of ways to help and even doing so without being asked! I am so grateful to have you all as co-workers

New London Hospital


I just wanted to thank all the PST and Equipment staff in the MOR. You are all HEROES. Taking on tasks that you have not done before, keeping up with the ever changing policies and procedures, with training in Transportation and Respiratory. You are all amazing and you have done it with out complaining. I also wanted to give a shout out to the Supervisors Michelle K., Nathan G, Dimas B. and Thomas L. between the 4 of you there is noting the MOR can not get done. THANK YOU.



The SSO deserves a thank you.

System Staffing Office (SSO)

SSO Staff

I just want to send out a thank you to all of the staff at SSO. Even though they are not on the frontlines dealing with COVID patients directly, they still deserve a huge thank you. With the many projects and challenges that they have been given over the past few weeks, it hasn't been easy. SO, THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE SSO STAFF!!



Thank you to all the frontline staff and providers who tirelessly care for our patients at the Cancer Center each and every day, undaunted by the current pandemic. It takes a special person to devote your career to oncology, and that's true now more than ever. You continue to provide high quality, compassionate care and services every single day. You are and always will be my heroes.

Norris Cotton Cancer Center


Bri, thanks for processing all those test swabs!

A big, grateful, shoutout to Bri Houde! She has been working tirelessly, processing COVID-19 test swabs in the Lab. THANK YOU!!!!

Lebanon, NH


Thank you to all of the nurses, doctors and other essential clinical staff who are helping to flatten the curve. Your selflessness to be at the front line while a majority of us are at home is inspiring and should not go unrecognized. I am truly amazed by the resilience of our staff and the continued efforts to ensure the safety of our community. Thank you!

Lebanon, NH


Thank you to all our healthcare workers on the frontlines of battling this virus, for the sacrifices you make everyday and especially during this pandemic. Your dedication, commitment and courage deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration.

New London, NH


A big cheers to our team mate Janet Hamilton who has been braving the wind, cold and rain to provide our at risk patients a safe way to test their INRs at our Drive Through Point of Care INR Clinic! Our patients have expressed their gratitude for this safe option over and over again. Way to go Janet!

Heater Rd Anticoag Clinic


Thank you essential workers

Thank you!

West Lebanon, NH


Thank you Computer Hardware Support staff for being in the front lines during this challenging time. Without your hard work and dedication the computer equipment would not be repaired and computer systems would be failing. Thank you for all you do !!!

Colburn Hill


The NCCC team in Nashua has been outstanding in their response to COVID-19. Patients have been and continue to remain the highest priority. And the nurses, MAs, secretaries and providers have still smiled on through all of the weekly, sometimes even daily, protocol changes. It's a blessing to be a member of this team!

Norris Cotton Cancer Center - Nashua


Thank you nurse Archie!

Thank you Nurse Archie Apigo for saving us from sore ears by distributing free 3D printed mask holder. You are a hero!

D-H Lebanon,


I want to say thank you to the MA's, LNA's, nurses, and doctors on the front line caring for our patients. I also want to extend a HUGE thank you to the support staff (secretaries, receptionists, admin assistants, EVS, and more) who are working each day to do their part in keeping DHMC running smoothly. You are all unseen heroes but know I see and appreciate you very much! WE ARE DH STRONG

Lebanon, NH


Bedford Pediatrics we love you!

Thank you to everyone in Manchester and Bedford Pediatrics!

D-H Manchester and Bedford Pediatrics


Manchester pediatrics, we love you!

Thank you to everyone in Manchester and Bedford Pediatrics!

Manchester and Bedford Pediatrics






Thank you to the doctors, nurses, and everyone else at DHMC for coming to the hospital every day to help others in need. Years ago the staff helped win his battle with cancer.

Sunapee NH


Thank you to my co-workers Trish & Laurie and all the Cath/EP lab staff. Together we have worked as a TEAM here each day to continue to take care of our patients who need our services. Although our Master Scheduler door is closed, we are here with our hearts open to all!! Thanks Ashley, Aubrie, Dave, Dr. Devries & Dr. Kwaku for your continued support! We are HVC & D-H Strong indeed!

Catheterization/EP Labs


Bentley and Mommy

Thank you for taking care of your patients and for all the staff at DHMC being there during this crisis. I am working hard to be a super hero like you, Mommy! Bentley

DHMC 2/3 East


“It is very rare or almost impossible that an event can be negative from all points of view.” – Dalai Lama

Thank you to all those who shine in spite of these difficult times.

Manchester Orthopaedics


My deepest appreciation to each and every one of you going into the hospital every day to care for our patients! Thank you, thank you!!

Population Health


I want to shout out to all environmental service employees who have been so critical during this pandemic to make sure the hospital stays as sanitized as possible!! Without all of your efforts, and showing up everyday so many more people would be a risk!! I want you to know I see you and deeply appreciate you all. THANK YOU and STAY HEALTHY!!!

Office of Clinical Research


I want to give a big shout out of appreciation and awe to my colleagues on 4 West. They have been feverishly up training to become ICU level RNs and LNAs and met the challenge head on, even though it is a scary and challenging task. Special thanks to our manager, Val Blais, who has worked so hard to help everyone learn in every learning style possible and has heard out everyone's fears and concerns patiently and with compassion. Much love to everyone on 4 West :)

D-H Lebanon


Thank you x-ray department at Concord DH!

A huge shout out to the hard workers in the x-ray department at Concord DH. This department hardly gets any recognition for their hard work. We are exposed to potential COVID cases multiples times a day, helping these patients with the diagnosis process of being x-rayed. We are scared, we cry, we have anxiety, we are confused, we have panic attacks, we go through all the emotions of this tough time. Radiologic Technologists get disregarded and people forget that we are on the front lines. We work hard too, we come in and get the job done.

The people in this department are:
Rachel Hartford
Shannon Bond
Keith Ferland
Erin Murphy
Shelley St. Onge
Scott Champagne

D-H Concord


Thank you for the headbands Tiffany!

Thank you to our LNA Tiffany, for making these super cute bands to protect our ears!

Jack Byrne Center



Nashua, NH





Essential Staff, you matter, we are grateful!

To all of the "Essential Staff" who may be in the background but are the support system for all of our providers and frontline staff. You MATTER and we are all grateful for our triage nurses, technicians, secretaries and all who may pick up a phone to speak with a frightened/discouraged or angry patient or staff member. Keep up the amazing work you are noticed and appreciated!


NPD Neurology


Still life painting of oranges

Thanks for all you are doing!!



We are proud of the MICU team!

There are not adequate words to express how much pride I have in the MICU team for taking such wonderful care of critically ill COVID patients under very trying circumstances. The care and compassion you are showing to each other is the best part! This crisis has only made us stronger.



I want to say thank you to all our essential front line workers! You are all heroes and everything you do should be recognized! Special thank you to our dietary, EVS, cashiers, lab techs, pharmacy technicians, medical assistants, LNAs, ophthalmic assistants, administrative support staff, call center staff, and HR staff. All the care and support you provide to our patients, employees, nursing and physician staff is appreciated. A special thank you to Lorene at the front desk at Novell for holding down the fort and ensuring that new employees are cared for during their onboarding. We are #dhstrong!

Off Site - D-H Worker


You are the hero in someone's story today

Even on your hardest days, always remember you are making a difference. YOU are the hero in somebody's story!

Blood Donor Program


Thank you Emergency Department heroes!

Thank you to all of our front line Emergency Department heroes for all that you do to keep each other and our community safe!

Emergency Department

"Team B"

Team B misses team A!

Team B writing notes to staff on Team A. We miss you and appreciate you!

Blood Donor Program


Thank you Emergency Department fearless leaders!

Thank you to our fearless leaders Deb Goodrum & Jillian Murray-Duchesne for working tirelessly to keep all of us informed and safe while working on the front line. (This picture was taken before our masking policy.)

Emergency Department


I just want to say thank you to some of our nurses in IMED Tiffany, Kayla and Kelly. I have been sitting in the same room with them and listened to the numerous calls that they have been taking from our anxious and nervous patients. They have also been diligent in keeping the clinical staff safe by screening patients prior to booking them for appointments in the office. At this time these nurses have our lives in their hands and I feel like I can not be in better hands. I know these women have my back always. Thanks for all that you do!

Manchester, NH

Patrick "Pat"

I have been seeing Dr. Comi and Dr. Lee for several years and could not be pleased more than I am. It always feels great being there because ALL the staff are professional, warm, and caring as are the police, fire and EMT personnel. We are going through real tough times and D-H is the place to be. Thanks to all of you.

Tilton, NH


Thank you to all the clinical and support staff who are on the front lines keeping the care flowing to those in need. Know that we are standing behind you in any way we can to make sure that you have what you need to get the job done and be safe. You are all AMAZING!

Lebanon IT


Thank you to all the CGP providers, nurses, MA's, CMA's, care coordinators, secretaries, and every one else for keeping an upbeat, positive attitude through all the recent changes. Through all the changes they have managed to keep the patient their #1 priority.

Thank you to the Nashua Division for welcoming the CGP teams into their families with grace, kindness and patience.

You are all appreciated! Keep up the good work!

CGP Division


To all the VNH staff out there seeing clients and wearing all the new gear to keep you safe. thank you to all you do on the front lines and to those working from home to support you. We appreciate all that you do. Be safe.....and healthy. thanks



Thank you to all the staff trying to help keep us safe and keeping the research and development of a vaccine [moving forward, as well as] better ways to keep us safe. [To] the ones taking care of the ones that have contracted the virus, your are all HEROES in my and my family's eyes. Keep up the good fight and stay safe. THANK YOU COULD NEVER BE ENOUGH FOR WHAT YOU ALL DO

Rochester, NH


Thank you diet office Heroes!

Thank you to the diet office Heroes for feeding our patient's daily, healthy eating
Talking to the patients 3 times a day on the phone to ensure they are receiving their meal choices. You all Rock, and stay safe.

Diet Office


Thank you health care workers!

To my brother, Ed Robicheau, who works on the “Cove” as he calls it. My granddaughter, London Gregrey made up this sign yesterday for him. We appreciate all the hard and dangerous work you and all your co-workers are doing.
We love and pray for you every day that you remain safe.

Garden Grove, CA


D-H Nurse Educator Team Rocks!

Special Shout Out to our Clinical Nurse Educator Team. We couldn't do it without you!



I would like to take this opportunity to give a huge shout out to ALL the nurses in OccMed who have been working so hard at taking care of our employees and fielding all the questions on the phones. Stay Strong and Stay Safe!!!



D-H Concord Radiology
Concord Radiology


Thanks brother Jeff!

I wanted to take a minute to thank my brother, Jeff Crowley who works in Environmental Services at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Jeff works second shift at DHMC and doesn't always get the same recognition as other employees due to his schedule.

I just want to say "thank you" for all that you do to keep all of the staff, employees, and patients safe during this extraordinary time. We appreciate all that you do. Great job!

Quechee, VT


Thank you to the wonderful and caring team in Ophthalmology for your kindness, patience and professionalism (Dr. Batra, Andrew and a technician whose name I did not catch (sorry!)). It wasn't easy for me to go in for my procedure, but I know it's not easy for you each day - to face the risk of this pandemic.
Thank you sincerely for your dedication. You're all D-HH Heroes.

Grantham, NH


Thank you Beth Schwartz for making masks and mask extenders for our staff and their families. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed. Your the Best.



Dartmouth Concord Radiology
Concord Radiology


A BIG thank you to all essential health care workers!

I have never been more proud to work for D-HH than in the past 6 weeks. Profound gratitude to our fellow employees for stepping in and stepping up to keep our community as safe as possible. On the front lines, supporting clinical endeavors and driving the work - you know who you are and THANK YOU!

Lebanon, NH


Thank you Joanna Celenza and helpers

We would like to thank our family support person Joanna Celenza and her helpers who have been working diligently from home at getting us headbands and sewing on countless buttons to hold our masks in place! She is truly an asset to the ICN family. You rock!



Corona Warrior - thank you all!

Please find attached. Thank you!

Agra, India


I am one of the APP's in the SICU and I wanted to pass on how proud I am of our nurses, RT's and LNA's. I have been over in the NCCU with many COVID rule out patients, and I have yet to hear any negative comments from the nurses, RT's, and LNA's during their hard shifts. [They are] constantly donning/doffing and taking care of sick patients in full PPE even with all the fear and anxiety of taking care of these patients. Yesterday I was even more impressed by my staff in another COVID rule out room with a patient transitioning to comfort care. Their family was not able to come to the hospital so the staff stayed with the patient until their last breath while the family was watching via video chat. I cannot say enough how honored I am to have the privilege of working with them.



I love you Justin!

In support of all of the essential employees at Cheshire Medical Center/DHMC, our family has decorated our front door to show our love and appreciation for each of them, with specific attention to a family member who is on the front line in the ED. Our home is only a short distance away from Cheshire Medical Center on Court Street. We thank each and every one of you for everything that you do!

Family Medicine


Not all heroes wear capes - APD strong!

The kindness, courage, and commitment of our ED and Medical-Surgical teams are nothing less than awe-inspiring. They are APD strong!

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital

P & T

Thank you Doctors, Nurses, Janitors and all Medical and Cleaning people!

Thank you healthcare workers!

New Hampshire


Thank you, stay safe!

This is on Rte 120 in E Plainfield, NH. I drive by it to and from work and it always puts a smile on my face. The outpouring of love and support from our communities means so much! Thank you❤️

Inpatient Tele Services


Sending a HUGE thank you to the Housekeeping Team for working even harder than usual to keep our facilities clean and safe for our patients and staff. We appreciate all you do and could not do our jobs without you. THANK YOU!

Inpatient Psychiatry


A well-deserved Thank You to the EVS staff who are on the front lines and risking themselves each day to help keep the hospital clean and safe for patients and staff. While it may at times seem like a thankless job, or you may not think anyone notices, they do. Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe during this stressful time!!!

DHMC Lebanon