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D-HH Heroes page 8

Thank you D-HH Heroes!


Can't thank you enough for all of your tireless efforts. We wouldn't be where we are without you. Sending prayers everyday for you and your families.

Contoocook, NH


Thank you to those on the frontlines of the coronavirus epidemic
Concord, NH


Thank you for your sacrifice.

Raymond, NH

D-H Strong!


Dear Health Care Worker,
During this time, I think it is very brave and selfless of you to risk your life to keep us safe and healthy. It’s very cool how you are still doing what you do every single day. I don’t know how things would be without healthcare workers. Thank you so much for everything you do to help others.

Fremont, NH

Dartmouth student and D-H volunteer Coco says Thank you!


Thank you for your time, energy, and hard work during this difficult time in our world. Patients are lucky to have those of you in the healthcare field there to take care of his/her medical needs. Your efforts are greatly appreciated! Stay well!

Swanzey, NH

Dear doctors and nurses, Thank you so much for all you do!


Thank you so much for putting yourself at risk to help others. We will all get through this together no matter what. Don't give up on yourself or anyone else.

Fremont, NH



Thank you for everything you do.

West Fairlee, VT


Thank you essential workers

As a Health Science and Technology student at MST, I understand the circumstances you're all under and I am so grateful to have such fearless heroes on the frontlines. I look up to all of you, and you give me boundless motivation. Thank you so much for all that you do, not just during this global pandemic, but on a daily basis. I appreciate it so much. Not a day goes by where your hard work goes unnoticed! I am posting on behalf of the Manchester Memorial High School Varsity and JV Cheerleading team. We all thank you.

Manchester, NH


I just wanted to thank all the hard working men and women who have helped so many people and saved so many people during this pandemic. We really appreciate how hard you are working despite the danger you are putting yourself in. Thank You.

Sunapee, NH


Dear Health Care Worker, thank you for risking your life for us. I am so grateful that you have continued to work during the tough times because I can't even begin to think how stressful this time must be. This letter is for when you may be struggling this is just to show that no matter what we are all so happy that you are working. So on that note, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!



Dear Health Care Worker,
I would like to take this time and thank you for all the hard work you have been doing. You are all heroes in my book, because I want to be a nurse and work in a hospital. To do just what you are doing, saving lives . I hope that you are all staying healthy, and stay strong.
Riddle: If you threw a White stone into the Red Sea what would it become?
Answer: Wet

Fremont, NH



Thank you for helping us in these tough times. I have an Aunt that works in Boston that's a nurse and two cousins that are too. If you weren't helping everybody stay healthy we would be in big trouble. I hope your families are ok. Stay healthy!

Derry, NH


Dear Nurse, I just want to take a moment to THANK YOU for everything you have done. I know this is hard and busy but we [are] all in this together and we [are] pushing through it and hopefully it will end soon. You are the best. Do not give up. Stay healthy and well.

Ellis School, Fremont, NH

D-H Strong


Huge shout out to the Lab staff in Pathology for all your hard work and dedication for the service your provide to our patients everyday. To the Molecular and Microbiology Departments for working endlessly on bringing the COVID-19 testing to DHMC and the fast turn around times. To the Techs who complete the testing and a huge shout out to the Phlebotomist both in the Outpatient Area and Inpatient team for being their collecting the specimen. Last but not least, to Lab Leadership who supports us continuously everyday. Pathology ROCKS!

Pathology, Lebanon, NH



D-H OCM STRONG! we are all in this together!

Office of Care Management


Thank you so much for all that you are doing in this tough time we are going through! I want you to know that we appreciate you, and all that you do!!


Sunapee, NH

Heart and Vascular Center at D-H stay Strong


I thank you for helping the people that have diseases like the corona. Without you a lot more people probably would have died. Thank you for taking chances for your own life and risking contacting the covid-19. I know you have been working a lot of hours and are struggling to find supplies hopefully when you go home you have some time for joy. I want to thank you one more time for your help and all the time and dedication you put into this. Hopefully soon the coronavirus will disappear and everybody including you can get back to your normal life. Thank you.

Fremont, NH


Dear Health Care Worker,
Thank you for keeping the community safe by putting yourself in danger for us. It takes a really special person to be willing to do this in times of tragedy. If it weren't for you helping people through all of this some of us may not be here. You help people everyday and you should be proud of yourself for that. Again, thank you for helping in these crazy times.

Fremont, NH