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D-HH Heroes page 9

Thank you D-HH Heroes!

Law enforcement officers from New Hampshire and Vermont circled the DHMC campus to show support for all D-H staff fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. We are so thankful for the continued community support.


Thankful for my coworkers helping each other get through the days.

2/3 east

Thankful for my coworkers


Thank you DH Concord Urgent Care

Thank you to my awesome co-workers in DH Concord Urgent Care!

Concord, NH


Thank you health care workers
Concord, NH


Thank you brave heroes

My name is Seamus and I am 8 years old.I would like to say how thankful I am for your service and for what you are doing right now. Thank you. You are being brave hero’s each and every one of you. I hope you stay healthy. I also wish that we can go places soon because I am very bored right now.

Manchester, NH

Ike and Alli

Thank you Mom and Dad

Thank you mom and dad and all your coworkers and essential personnel at DHMC and all neighboring hospitals for keeping our community safe! We love you! Woof, woof!

Lebanon, NH


Can't thank you enough for all of your tireless efforts. We wouldn't be where we are without you. Sending prayers everyday for you and your families.

Contoocook, NH


So thankful

So thankful to have these ladies beside me every night! Couldn't do it without you.

Manchester, NH


DH Siblings

DH siblings
Kaela Dempsey- lab
Aiden Demspey- FNS cashier

Lebanon, NH


We love you and miss you

Charlie and I send our love and hope to the Jack Byrne Center for Hospice and Palliative Care. We miss everyone SO MUCH. Thank you - to all - for everything you do, every day ❤️

Norwich, VT


I want to send a huge thank you for everything you all are doing to save the lives of so many affected on top of daily lives of others. My heart has broken for all of you on the front lines and want you all to know how much you are appreciated. From my family to you and you family my prayers are with you all daily. please stay safe and healthy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Greenville, New Hampshire


A neighbor sends love to health care workers

Neighbor made this! First thing I see as I start my journey to CHAD DHMC in morning and last thing I see returning back to my family. Fills my heart each time I see it!



Hazel the Hound sends her love

Hazel, one of the DHMC Hug-a-Hound volunteers and I send our love and gratitude to all the staff. We miss our visits. Thank you!


Thank you DHMC for fighting COVID-19

Artwork submitted from Anthony, age 9

Hanover, NH


Carter Community Building thanks all Doctors, Nurses, and Emergency Personnel

Saw this in downtown Lebanon.

Lebanon, NH


Thank you!

Thank you!

Ellie, age 8


I was insanely scared to bring my son to DHMC because of the virus and being 6 feet apart but i was very impressed of how y'all policed the place and the face masks and loot that the nurses and Doctors were wearing to protect their patients! Thank you all, you all responded to the problem in this world, Tremendously, I'm very proud to to call DHMC our medical resting place. Thank you for taking good care of my son as he needed anesthesia too! You all made me at ease!



Rainbow of Hope

My daughter and I are so grateful for the hard work and dedication shown by your team. You are truly an inspiration and some of the bravest people I’ve ever seen. My daughter drew a “Rainbow of Hope” except hers is “Magic Land!” Enjoy ❤️

Keene, NH


Thanks Michael, for the bands that protect our ears!

Thanks to Michael Rizzo, Video Conferencing Specialist, for making these bands to protect our ears!

Vascular Access ❤️


Thank you to all on the front lines

Employed at DH for 20 years, initially as a clinician in Rehab Med. Now working in information systems(e-DH). I want to thank all of you on the front lines: my former co-workers, the nurses, respiratory therapists, care managers, the MD, PA, NPs, transportation staff, environment management staff, unit secretaries, LNAs, volunteers, security, food service personnel, dietitians/nutrition staff, radiology staff, greeters, clergy, Supply chain management, lab personnel, DHART. I'm betting I left a group out, my apologies, but please know I am SOO appreciative of all your commitments! THANK YOU

Novell- Information Systems


The bravest team on the front lines

Hi there these signs are from the Anesthesiology Admin Team at the Lebanon campus. We think our team of doctors, CRNAs, and nurses are doing an incredible job on the front lines. They are doing an amazing job taking care of their patients and each other! We love them so much and can’t wait to be back to work(physically) again!

Lebanon, NH


Two of my favorite docs

Wishing two of my favorite docs, Dr. Kerrington Smith and Dr. Tim Gardner and their families good health and best wishes. My thoughts are with every employee at DHMC and their affiliates. You are all heroes. Stay strong for each other! ❤️

Hookset, NH


thank you so much doctors and nurses!

Thank you healthcare workers!



Don't know where I'm reaching, but I want to let ALL of the nurses and Medical staff that they are doing a phenomenal job. I was at Lebanon Dartmouth for 4 days a three weeks ago. The nurses work their hiney's (sp?) off. I greatly admire them. Please let everyone know. Thank you.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Twitter


Love for health care workers

We love our community health care workers! ❤️

Wilder, VT


Thank you to all of the nurses, doctors and healthcare workers @DartmouthHitch.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Twitter

Air hug a DHMC employee today!!!


Thank you to Dr. Kathleen Altimose in Pediatric Nephrology. You made us feel so much better in a very scary time.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Facebook

Thank you DH Workers!!!


@DartmouthHitch Thank you Dr. Kevin Krughoff and all the amazing Doctors working long hard hours risking there own lives in these extremely difficult times we are in, we Thank you all.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Twitter

Thank you healthcare workers!!!

Nicole Jean

Thank you Danielle Basta and the Heater Road team! I have never received better care than how that team performs. You are all blessings to patients and our community.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Facebook

Not all heroes wear capes


"Dr M. Curley in GI is one of the most caring doctors I've ever had the pleasure of seeing. In some ways he gave me a normal life back ! Dr Strohbehn in Uro/Gyn is kind and compassionate. All the Internal Medicine , Neurology , Anesthesia, Psychiatry, Surgery ,and all other residents rock! I have the pleasure of working with them. Thank you Dr. Kris Bujarski in Nuerology for helping my daughter fall in love with medicine !"

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Facebook

Thanks for protecting us! Andy Feng, age 9, Ray School, Hanover, NH


Thank you all!! Every doctor I have seen there are incredible! Praying for you all to stay safe

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Facebook


A huge Thank You to all of my son's care team, Dr. Albert, Dr. Deborah Tepper, Dr. Lawson, Dr. Curley and Dietician Kat. We appreciate all you do. We've been thinking of you all and hoping you are safe and well. ❤️

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Facebook

We Love You


Honoring my coworkers dartmouthhitchcock on the frontlines keeping us safe and healthy. We will get through this together ❤️ #COVID19 #community #TeamDH

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Instagram


Our hearts are with you. Thank you.


Thank you to all the physicians working so hard during the COVID-19. I could not be more impressed with their hard and dedication to taking care of our community. Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Instagram


Thank you for all your help DHMC Employees

Note received with mask donation


Thanks to Dr DeVries, interventional cardiology, my husband David's heart is still pumping. In fact, we're setting up a 2-year follow up via telemedicine in a few days.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Facebook


Thank you all for all you hard work and please stay safe.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Facebook

Front line nurses, first rate care


Thank you to Dr Julie Braga, my favorite female Dr She’s honest, patient, attentive and thorough. And to Dr Alex Woolley who just recently moved to the area. Dr Satti who takes care of my little ones and lastly the Doctors on the birthing pavilion who honored my requests and made me feel safe and truly cared for when I had my baby a couple weeks ago. thank you for all the little things you do everyday that seem to go unnoticed.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Facebook

Not all super heroes wear a cape


Brilliant wonderful people

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Facebook


"Thank you, Dr. Ryan McCool. He is a caring, skilled, and personable physician. He’s the best!! (Signed: Nancy McMurtry)"

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Coats not just for PPE but to hide our super hero costume. Fight Corona


I am personally grateful to Dr Sangha in EP .... and the cardiac team ... I am alive today because of these dedicated caring talented people ... stay safe all!

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Instagram

We love you front line


We certainly have the best doctors anywhere! ❤️

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Facebook


the treatment has always been so reasureing its such a great experience being treated there thank every one of you

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Facebook

HeartsForHealthcareWorkers shared with CHaD


Thank You All Every Day.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Instagram


I am so grateful we have so many dedicated and skilled physicians in our own backyard at Dartmouth Hitchcock. Happy National Doctor’s Day to them. I thank them and all the providers and staff that work alongside them!

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Facebook


Thank you for headbands to hold our masks!

Thanks to our clinical educator for making us headbands that holds our face masks

2-3 east


We are so grateful to the DHMC physicians today and everyday. But we mustn’t forget the nurses, custodians, security, housekeepers secretaries, cafe staff and everyone who helps us at DHMC

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DH Strong, We are - Yoda


D-H doctors are heroes every day of the year! All people working in healthcare nowadays should be recognized for what they do every day on the job! ❤️

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Facebook

Nurses-LNAs, Technicians, Housekeepers, Therapists, Doctors, All staff, You rock!


God bless and keep you all safe and healthy!

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health on Facebook


Thank you all for your dedication and sacrifice for each and every one of us. God bless you all.

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