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How to Safely Wear a Face Mask

Stay Strong. Masks On.

We have what it takes to get through this.

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How to put on a mask


graphic of proper way to wear face mask

1. Select the right mask—adult or child (age 12 and under).

2. For disposable mask, place the colored side facing out with the nose wire at the top.

Graphic of fitting a face mask to your face

3. Place the mask completely over your nose and mouth. If your mask has a wire nose piece, gently form it into a U shape and make sure it is snug on the bridge of your nose.

Graphic of fitting a face mask to your face

4. If your mask has expandable folds, separate them to fit the bottom of the mask under your chin.

Graphic of a fitting a face mask to your face

5. Loop ties around your ears then gently press the nose wire again over nose and cheekbones to make sure it is tight across your face and tucked under your chin.


Always remember....

Graphic of washing hands

Wash and sanitize your hands

Wash and sanitize your hands before putting on your face covering.

Graphic of proper face mask fit

Cover your nose and mouth

Always place the mask over your nose and mouth completely and secure it under your chin. Try to fit it snugly against the sides of your face.

Graphic of a family

Breathe easily

Make sure you can breathe easily after fitting your mask to your face.

Stay Strong. Masks On.