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What is Emmi?

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Emmi is a Wolters Kluwer® company (maker of UpToDate®) that partners with Dartmouth Health. They make trusted, current, and easy-to-understand patient education programs in English and Spanish (español).

Emmi has videos and written articles about most health conditions (like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, etc.) They also have helpful information to get you ready for surgery, screening procedures (like a colonoscopy), or being in the hospital.

Emmi programs can be ordered for you by your health care team. You will be sent a link through myDH, by email, or given a website and access code by phone. You can watch your program on a computer, tablet or smartphone. You will need a browser and an internet connection.

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Let's get started!

Use the following steps to view an Emmi program:

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  1. Visit the Dartmouth Health Emmi website.
  2. Click English or Español in the top right corner to change your language.
  3. In the text box, type in the subject or title for the kind of program you want and press 'Enter' on your keyboard. Click on the program you would like.
  4. Select the video or article you would like to see.
  5. If you open a video, follow the on-screen instruction and read the disclaimer. The program will play in your browser window.
  6. To hear the audio, make sure you click the speaker icon to unmute the sound on the video. If you do not see the controls for the video, hover your mouse over the video.
In this video, Dr. George Blike, former chief quality and value officer, talks about our partnership with Emmi Solutions, a company that specializes in patient engagement and education.

Frequently asked questions

Why use an Emmi program?

Emmi videos and articles:

  • Educate you about your medical conditions: risks and benefits of treatment, and what to expect before, during, and after a procedure
  • Provide tips and advice on how to manage chronic illness
  • Help you become more informed about your own care so that you can ask questions about what matters most to you

Is my health information safe and private when I use Emmi?

Yes. Emmi follows the rules, under the federal regulation known as the Privacy Rule under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), to keep your health information private.

Do I need to view the Emmi program?

Sometimes your health care provider may order an Emmi program for you to help you better understand your surgery, hospital visit, or medical issue, but watching it is your choice.

Some departments may ask you to view an Emmi program before they do a surgery or procedure, in which case they will let you know.

  • If you have viewed the program before, or prefer not to watch it, just ignore the messages from Emmi. The messages will usually stop within two weeks, or you may contact Emmi Support by email: support@my-emmi.com or by phone: 1-866-294-3664

How do I use Emmi?

You can view Emmi programs in the comfort of your own home or anywhere that has internet access. Videos are 2 to 40 minutes long and articles are usually 1-2 pages.

The message from Emmi will give you their website address (www.startemmi.com) and an internet link to view the programs that your health care provider ordered. The phone message may also include an 11-digit access code.

Emmi may contact you through myDH or by email or phone to view an Emmi program.

  • myDH:
    You will get a message from Emmi with the subject: “Your provider has sent you some education.” After you’ve opened it, click on the link to watch the program.

    Important: If you want to view the program again, you can find it in the “Automated Messages” folder, in the Messages section of myDH.

  • Email:
    If you have an email address along but not a myDH account, you will get an email message with a link to view the program. Once you click on the link, you may be asked to put in your date of birth on the Emmi website.

  • Phone:
    If you do not have a myDH account or email address on file, you will get a phone call from Emmi with instructions for watching the program online, which includes an access code with 11 numbers. You will need to enter this code along with your date of birth on the website www.startemmi.com.

    Note that you can contact Emmi to request this access code, if needed by calling 1-866-294-3664 or email support@my-emmi.com (English or español)

How long will the programs be available?

You generally have 30 days to view the program as many times as you want before it expires. If you need to view it after that it can be ordered again.

If you have watched the video before, or just don’t want to watch it, just ignore the messages from Emmi. They will stop in a few weeks.

What if I don’t have internet access?

Many public libraries have computers available to access the internet, as do many Dartmouth Health locations. Many community locations also have Wi-Fi access if you have a tablet or smart phone.

How do I contact Emmi if I have more questions?

If you have any problems logging in or viewing your program, the Emmi support team is available to help. Support is available in English or español.

Contact Emmi support: