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Post-Operative Instructions

General care

  • Keep your head more elevated than usual and sleep with an extra pillow.
  • A soft diet is recommended if the area around the mouth was treated. Avoid chewing gum or smoking.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for two to three weeks.

Skin care

  • Apply water or saline soaked gauze to resurfaced area for 20-30 minutes every two to three hours. Wipe off any white, yellow or gray drainage and apply Aquaphor ointment.
  • Always keep a layer of Aquaphor ointment on the treated skin, to keep the skin moist.
  • Do not allow skin to scab. If you should scab, do not force them off, as it may increase the risk of scarring. Increase soaks and apply Aquaphor until scabs come off on their own. The goal is to keep the skin looking pink.
  • Reapply Aquaphor as often as necessary to keep skin moist. Use Jell-O cool packs between soaks for comfort.
  • You generally may use make-up approximately two weeks after your procedure. It is a good idea to have fresh products that have not been open for a long time. Your doctor will let you know when you are ready to begin this post-operatively.
  • Avoid sweating. Absolutely avoid sun exposure for three weeks. Always use at least a SPF 15 sunblock thereafter. You should avoid tanning for at least six months after laser resurfacing.
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