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Partners for Community Wellness

Partners for Community Wellness (Partners) are people who partner with Dartmouth-Hitchcock to improve community health and wellness. Partners serve as advisors in D-H community health improvement planning, and they help implement plans by contributing resources and promoting policies that improve health and wellness.


Over the past two years, the Partners for Community Wellness steering committee organized a campaign resulting in over 750 community members participating in the Honoring Care Decisions Program for advanced care planning. Nationally, advanced care planning is a major contributing factor in the reduction of costly, unwanted medical care at the end of life.

Partners for Community Wellness Annual Meeting

Bill Boyle, Lu Martin, and Jim Varnum at the Annual Meeting.


Partners held its annual meeting on November 7, 2017 at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, NH. Participants learned about the D-H Perinatal Addiction Treatment Program, held a Q&A with D-H CEO and President Dr. Joanne Conroy, and witnessed the celebration of outstanding community health leaders.


The annual meeting also served as a fundraiser for the Partners Tipping Point Grant program. A Tipping Point Grant is a small financial contribution designed in combination with a strong social support system to "tip" a person toward successful achievement of a goal.

Clara Politano

Clara Politano, a Tipping Point Grant Recipient.

The Tipping Points Grants have awarded $36,000 in the program’s first two years, enabling 36 individuals to transition to financial sustainability. Grants have been used for education, transportation, housing, clothing, and other resources to help recipients secure and maintain employment.