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Behavioral Medicine

The Behavioral Medicine Service offers state-of-the-art behavioral treatment for problems related to pain, headache, chronic illness, stress, and insomnia. Psychologists of the Behavioral Medicine Service are experts in the field and well-versed in the latest advances in effective therapy methods.

What does treatment involve?

The Behavioral Medicine Services primary approach to treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This approach involves collaboration between you and your clinician to understand and address the behavioral and psychological factors that cause distress and physical symptoms.

CBT helps you to make specific changes, includes new ways of acting, thinking, feeling, or coping. Treatment tends to focus on:

  • Current situations rather than past
  • Your behavior, views and beliefs about your life rather than on personality traits

Treatment typically involves learning new skills through the use of tools and exercises designed for practice in daily life. In many cases, treatment follows a clinically-tested treatment "protocol" that will be adapted to individual life circumstances. In addition to individual therapy, we also offer group programs such as the Pain Management Group.

Pain Management Group

The Pain Management Group is designed to help you learn specific pain self-management skills including relaxation, pacing of activities, stress and depression management, as well as communication skills. The group is conducted for 10 weeks (1.5 hours each week). The group is appropriate for all types of chronic pain and may supplement individual psychotherapy.

Leaders: Jan Seville, PhD, co-facilitated by postdoctoral fellow

Referral process: Requires evaluation by a Behavioral Medicine clinician

  • Appropriate for all types of chronic pain including chronic pain syndromes, headache, insomnia, stress-related problems
  • May supplement or follow individual psychotherapy

For your convenience

Dartmouth-Hitchcock accepts a wide range of health plans as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Our main office is located in Lebanon, New Hampshire, at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, but our specialists travel throughout the region to see patients at the offices of our many affiliates. To schedule an appointment, call (603) 650-7075.

A staff member is always available in the event of an emergency, call (800) 556-6249, any time of day when a crisis occurs. We can provide a consultation, and if necessary, arrange for a secure, clinically supervised environment for stabilization and treatment.

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