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Crisis and Consultation Services

Crisis and consultation services are available on a twenty four hour, seven day per week basis through the Emergency Department, a patient's outpatient medical provider, or inpatient medical services.

Brief assessments and focused interventions are provided for all age groups and for all types of psychiatric problems by a multi-disciplinary team consisting of licensed clinical social workers, psychologists, medical students, psychiatric residents, and staff psychiatrists.

Direct services are:

  • Problem focused
  • Time limited
  • Emphasize immediate treatment goals
  • Whenever possible, provided in close collaboration with the patient's existing medical and/or psychiatric providers

Referral and admission to inpatient psychiatric treatment, medication management, referral to outpatient psychiatric services, and brief psychotherapeutic support are among the interventions provided for patients. Specific interventions emphasize patient and community safety and are designed to reduce the patient's level of distress.

Telephone services

In addition to direct patient evaluation, brief telephone assessment, intervention, and referral services are also provided on a twenty four hour basis. These telephone services are provided by experienced, licensed mental health professionals, who accept calls from patients and providers throughout the region. These services can be accessed at our toll free telephone number; (800) 556-6249. Within the hospital the crisis and inpatient consultation services can be reached on pagers 3350 (crisis) and 3352 (inpatient consultation).

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