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Imaging Training

Current offerings

Imaging Didactic

This series focuses on human brain imaging research.  With an initial focus on functional MRI (fMRI) of the brain, it covers basics of image acquisition, image processing and analysis (e.g., registration, segmentation, use of atlases, imaging statistics), study design and implementation, and special topics.

The format includes weekly one-hour lectures interspersed with active learning sessions at the Advanced Imaging Center, hands-on training in the Ira DeCamp Brain Imaging Lab, guest speakers, and research themes and collaborations (RTC) meetings discussing active research projects.

This didactic content also being offered as a short course and as special topics presentations.

Individualized training

Since the inception of our lab 25 years ago, we have offered individualized hands-on training in brain imaging, including individualized training in image acquisition, image processing and analysis, imaging study design, MRI safety, functional MRI task design, and other topics according to the needs of the learner. 

This dovetails with the more formal didactic training to provide a well-rounded training experience tailored to the needs and interests of our collaborators.

Existing datasets are available for individual projects and instruction.

Special topics in imaging

These include brief 1-2 hour training sessions offered as needed, for example:

  • "Getting Started on an MRI Research Project at Dartmouth: What are the Resources?"
  • "Introduction to Research in the MRI Environment: IRB and Safety Issues"
  • "Introduction to fMRI Task Design"
  • "Introduction to fMRI Study Design”
  • "Basics of fMRI Processing and Statistics"

James C. Ford, PhD directs imaging training at the Ira DeCamp Brain Imaging Lab. For more information, please contact or