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Mission Statement

The section of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry employs state-of-the-art treatment and promotes the mental health of children, adolescents and families, as it fulfills its mission to:

Provide exemplary patient care.

  • Incorporate common assessment instruments across sites.
  • Work toward common treatment protocols across sites.
  • Provide state of the art, evidence-based treatments.
  • Incorporate outcomes measures to inform and improve treatment.

Serve the mental health tertiary diagnostic and treatment needs of children and adolescents and their families in upper New England by providing high-quality, relevant services.

  • Organize specialty clinics. Encourage specialty expertise.

Advocate to ensure that children and adolescents and their families in upper New England receive essential mental health care.

  • The section is active in professional organizations and in advocacy organizations, and is involved in promoting innovative models of care to ensure timely access to mental health services.

Educate and train medical students and mental health practitioners and academicians, particularly child and adolescent psychiatrists.

  • Work toward establishing a curriculum and training sites that reflect current and future practice and that will prepare trainees to be leading clinicians and educators.
  • Recruit from the best candidates for child psychiatry fellowship.
  • Become a national leader in collaborative care models of treatment involving training and consultation with Pediatrics.

Operate as a fiscally sound section within the Department, able to manage and deploy resources and to support initiatives of strategic significance.

Advance the mental health care of children and adolescents locally and abroad through the generation of new knowledge of the causes and effective treatments of mental disorders of childhood.

  • Faculty will continue to seek and receive extramural support for innovative research projects.

Serve as an educational resource to families, schools, and other institutions throughout upper New England regarding the mental health care of children and adolescents.

  • Section organizes and sponsors continuing education, inservice training activities, and community outreach educational programs.

Support the clinical and academic mission of the Department of Psychiatry and of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center with respect to the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and their families.

  • To this end, seek to establish collaborative relationships with other sections in the Department, with other Departments in the Medical Center, with schools and community agencies, particularly in areas which represent strengths of the Section or which address unmet clinical, educational, and research needs.
  • Strengthen consultation and collaborative services to support pediatricians in their care of children with mental health needs.
  • Build greater capacity for statewide consultation and support of community based practitioners.
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