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The Patient-Oriented Cancer Survivorship Research Group

The Patient-Oriented Cancer Survivorship Research Group is comprised of a group of researchers who have come together to create a sustainable, externally funded line of research exploring the physical, psychological, functional, and social effects of cancer.

We conduct randomized controlled clinical trials, descriptive studies, and health service research with the goals of understanding and improving the health, quality of care, and quality of life of persons and families living with cancer.

Our focus is on the experience of anyone affected by cancer, including the persons diagnosed with the disease and their friends and family members.

Our research extends along the diverging continuums of diagnosis to disease-free survivorship or life with cancer through death and bereavement. We seek to promote improvements in treatment and service delivery and contribute to reducing the morbidity and mortality of cancer at levels of the individual and population.

Our group comprises scholars from a range of disciplines including psychology, nursing, medicine, and rehabilitation. We utilize diverse research methods in our work, drawing from both quantitative and qualitative paradigms. Our projects are designed to learn from and serve the rural population that receives care through Norris Cotton Cancer Center and its regional affiliates.

Through our research, we seek to make good use of the prominence of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center and the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Alliance and affiliate providers to improve access and quality of care and efficiency of health systems in northern New England.

Examples of our current projects include:

  • Reducing disability in older adult cancer survivors (American Cancer Society, PI: Lyons)
    A Phase I study to determine the feasibility and acceptability of a home-based occupational therapy intervention to teach problem-solving skills and environmental and activity adaptation to reduce disability.
  • A feasibility study of unsupervised, pre-operative exercise for patients scheduled for lung cancer surgery (Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Co-PI: Lyons and Finley)
    A mixed methods feasibility study is to determine the feasibility, acceptability, and potential effectiveness of an electronically-monitored, unsupervised pre-operative exercise program for patients scheduled for lung cancer surgery.
  • Supporting caregivers of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation patients: A feasibility study of the Ready to CARE program (American Occupational Therapy Foundation, PI: Lyons)
    A pilot study to develop and test a supportive intervention for caregivers of patients undergoing stem cell transplantation.