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Pediatric Neuropsychology

Principal Investigator: Jonathan Lichtenstein, PsyD, MBA

The pediatric neuropsychology team focuses mainly on research pursuits that can inform evidence-based clinical practice with children and families. Our areas of focus are currently diverse, with the greatest level of emphasis in the areas of concussion management and performance validity assessment. A large-scale implementation project is currently underway with a focus on return to learn protocols with high school and middle school populations. Data collection is also ongoing for the study of a number of methods for better understanding test taking effort in children and adolescents.

Additional areas of interest for our team include novel interventions to enhance traumatic brain injury (TBI) recovery (yoga and mindfulness), cancer histories and their impact upon social performance, supported employment for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, and pediatric concussion.

We are currently enrolling subjects in our study of cancer and social performance. We are seeking participants between the ages of 8 and 18 with cancer histories. For more information, or to find out how to participate, please contact: Jennifer Randolph, MS, (603) 650-2665.

For all other inquiries: Jonathan Lichtenstein, PsyD, MBA, (603) 650-5824.

For a list of publications, see Jonathan Lichtenstein's bibliography on PubMed.