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Psychopharmacology Services

Medication-responsive psychiatric conditions

Knowledge in our field is expanding at a rapid rate allowing psychiatry to offer more and more research-supported options for people experiencing psychiatric difficulties. In particular, many more medications are available and more is known about their potential benefits and risks.

Treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation

Since different treatments work for different conditions, effective care begins with a comprehensive evaluation, education about treatment options, and a shared decision-making process to decide together on the optimal path to follow. More information is available about what to expect when you come in for outpatient care.

Psychopharmacology treatment

Dartmouth-Hitchcock has a team of psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and training psychiatrists who offer psychopharmacologic consultation and treatment. We offer psychopharmacology services to adults in our Psychopharmacology Clinics, Neuropsychiatry Service, Anxiety Disorders Service, Mood Disorders Service, and our Geriatric Psychiatry Service.

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