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Program Purpose

Purpose of a pulmonary rehabilitation program:

  1. To control, reduce, and alleviate the symptoms of chronic pulmonary diseases.
  2. To improve the individual understanding of his/her disease process, and assist the individual in developing methods to cope with his/her disease.
  3. To train the patient how to reach the highest possible level of independent functioning within the limitations of their pulmonary disease.
  4. To train the patient to self-manage his/her daily living consistent with the pulmonary disease process.
  5. To develop a perception of well being in the individual.
  6. To decrease the number of hospitalizations.

Pulmonary rehabilitation services incorporate:

  1. Assessment by a pulmonary physician and multidisciplinary qualified health professionals.
  2. Two educational sessions per week.
  3. Three exercise reconditioning and training sessions per week.
  4. Education on bronchial hygiene and medications.
  5. Activities of Daily Living including energy conservation techniques.
  6. Clinical monitoring of the patient's pulmonary function during rehabilitation.
  7. Individualized visits regarding results of tests, program recommendation, and exercise prescription.
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