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Before Your Mammogram

  1. If you have had mammograms elsewhere, please call that facility and have your results sent to us before your appointment—these tests will be needed for comparison.
  2. Please do not bring your children with you—the mammographer cannot watch your children and give you her full attention.
  3. Try to schedule your mammogram for the week following your menstrual period, when your breasts are less tender.
  4. Wear a two-piece outfit to the examination, so you will only have to remove your top.
  5. Don't apply powders, ointments or creams to your chest area the day of the exam, because these products can show up on the X-ray images and can make it difficult to interpret.
  6. If you wear deodorant, please apply it sparingly, as you will be asked to wash it off before your mammogram.
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