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Balance and Vestibular Center

At the Balance and Vestibular Center, our physical therapists are specially trained to help you overcome dizziness and vertigo.   

We offer programs to reduce your risk of falling

Dizziness can occur at any age. It could be a sign of a serious medical condition so you should always discuss your symptoms with your primary care provider. Often, dizziness is a result of a vestibular disorder, that is, a disorder of the inner ear and its connection to centers in the brain.

The vestibular system is responsible for sending information to your brain when your head moves quickly or you change positions. Problems in this system could cause you to be dizzy, lightheaded or woozy, or you may experience a spinning sensation known as vertigo. This dizziness can be effectively treated with vestibular therapy.

To join our program, ask your primary care provider to call us to arrange a referral at (603) 650-5978.

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