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Common Causes of Dizziness or Vertigo

At the Balance and Vestibular Center, we treat common causes of dizziness or vertigo. To learn more about these causes, please refer to the articles listed below, which take you to our Dartmouth-Hitchcock Healthwise® Health Encyclopedia website:

Physical therapists at the Rehabilitation Center

Our physical therapists are specially trained to treat balance and dizziness related to these conditions, working closely with otolaryngologists and neurotologists (ear, nose and throat specialists), physiatrists, and neurologists. We perform a complete assessment including Platform Posturography Testing using the SMART Balance Master® EquiTest® – advanced technology to test a patient's balance. After our team completes a comprehensive assessment, we will determine the most appropriate treatment that may include:

  • Vestibular habituation and gaze stabilization exercises meant to help retrain the vestibular system.
  • Balance exercises to improve steadiness with walking and standing activities.
  • Epley's canalith repositioning maneuver for BPPV—a technique that involves moving your head in specific directions to eliminate a spinning sensation when you move.
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