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Occupational Therapy Services

The Occupational Therapy section of the Department of Rehabilitation provides assessment and treatment to person's whose daily function has been impaired by physical or mental illness.

Service is provided by licensed occupational Therapists and licensed occupational therapy sssistants to both inpatients and outpatients.

Inpatient occupational therapy services

Inpatient therapists routinely provide evaluations and treatment to patients in the following areas: cardiology, critical care units, medical/surgery, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, pediatrics and vascular service.

Evaluation and treatment focus on specified functional activities such as bathing, dressing, writing, holding eating utensils, and compensation techniques for visual and perceptual deficits. Adaptive equipment provided by the occupational therapist will frequently enable patients to increase their independence performing daily tasks. By participating in self-care and purposeful activities while in the hospital, the goal for the patients is to increase functional skills, enhance endurance, and prevent disability.

Outpatient occupational therapy services

Hand exercise in our Hand Clinic

Occupational therapists in the outpatient division of the rehabilitation medicine department provide care for individuals with hand/wrist/elbow trauma, tendonitis, neurological trauma, neurodegenerative diseases, chronic conditions, concussion, traumatic and acquired brain injuries (TBI), and work/sport injuries.

Occupational therapists perform evaluations using standardized testing and interviewing to create an occupational profile that guides the development of an individualized approach to your care.

Occupational therapists use a variety of treatment methods to facilitate progress toward rehabilitation goals in an effort to optimize your outcomes. Examples of treatment methods include:

  • Custom orthosis (splint) fabrication
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Therapeutic activity including functional tasks/task simulation
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Training in the use of adaptive techniques/equipment
  • Use of physical agent modalities

The various treatment methods used enable you to maximize function in the daily activities of self-care, work, and leisure pursuits.

The occupational therapy staff at DHMC consists of experienced therapists with a variety of specialties and certifications including:

  • Certified hand therapist (CHT)
  • Certified kinesiotaping practitioner (CKTP)
  • LSVT BIG certified therapists
  • Matheson certified work capacity evaluators (CWCE)
  • Saebo certified therapists
  • Therapists certified in the use of physical agent modalities (CPAM)

Outpatient occupational therapy services include:

We offer our services at the DHMC Heater Road facility and onsite in the 2L clinic area. See More Appointment Information for hours and contact information.

We also offer some special clinics:

  • ALS Clinic: Occupational therapists work with a team of speech therapists, physical therapists, neurologists, pulmonologists, nutritionists, nurses, sleep medicine specialists, and social workers in this nationally recognized center of excellence to help treat individuals and their families impacted by ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.
  • Hand Team Clinic: Occupational therapists work together with the orthopaedic surgeons to provide evaluation, custom orthosis fabrication, and follow-up treatment for patients with upper extremity injuries.
  • Occupational Medicine Clinic: This clinic serves employees at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and also has contracts with several local businesses to offer a full spectrum of occupational medicine services for their employees. Occupational therapists are available to provide a scheduled work readiness assessment, which provides objective evaluation of the injured worker's ability to stay at work, perform modified duty, or return to work full duty. In addition, the occupational therapists are available to provide a work-site analysis for DHMC employees, which is an ergonomic evaluation of the worker's environment. Occupational therapists, at the request of the occupational medicine providers, offer occupational therapy evaluation and treatment planning for injured workers.
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