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Work Conditioning Program

If you have not been able to work after having surgery or getting medical care, we have a program that might help. If you have finished one-on-one therapy or other treatments and are still not strong enough, the work conditioning program could be for you. It's a friendly atmosphere. It takes just one phone call to sign up and it’s covered by most insurance.

Check if you qualify for the program

We can help if you:

  • Want to get back to work after a medical issue
  • Do not need any further medical treatments
  • Can maintain blood pressure and heart rate right for your age while being active
  • Have an injury or condition that happened less than two years ago

Check if the program fits your needs

We can build exercises just for you if you:

  • Struggle with pain
  • Can’t freely move an injured body part
  • Lack strength and need to build it up
  • Can’t coordinate your movements
  • Are fearful or anxious about hurting yourself

Our program rehabilitation team is here to help

Our team of rehab specialists design a program for your special needs. The team includes:

  • A physical therapist (PT) to help you learn exercises to gain physical strength for normal work tasks
  • An occupational therapist (OT) to help you to coordinate your hand and body movements
  • A social worker (MSW) to help you deal with fear, anxiety and stress

How the program works

First visit: At your first visit, our team creates a program that addresses your needs and concerns. Up to two other adults might be part of your rehabilitation group, but your program is just for you. The group offers support.

Follow up visits: You work with the team three days each week for about one to two hours per session. In addition, you will have exercises to do at home on other days.

Location: All sessions happen at our Heater Road location in Lebanon, NH. There’s plenty of parking and easy access to the building.

We measure your progress and help connect with your employer

Our team measures your physical abilities every three weeks to check your progress. Most adults are able to go back to work within six weeks. When you can do the physical tasks required for you to return to work, we will create a “return to work” plan you can share with your employer. We may need to include work restrictions for a short time, such as how much you can lift or move.

Here’s how to learn more or sign up

  • Step 1: Talk to your primary care doctor or the specialist doctor who treated you. Ask them for a referral to the Work Conditioning Program in Rehabilitation Medicine at Dartmouth-Hitchcock.
  • Step 2: Talk with your insurance company about payment. We’re here to help with this if you need it.
  • Step 3: Call us at (603) 650-3600 and sign up. We look forward to seeing you.


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