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Our Multidisciplinary Approach

The spine is one of the most important parts of your body—without it, you couldn't stand up, move about, or have any flexibility. The spine is also designed to protect your spinal cord, which carries nerves to and from the brain and helps to control your movements. This is why keeping your spine healthy is vital if you want to live an active life.

The Spine Center offers the very best in back and spine-related care, including:

  • Treatments and resources benefiting each patient individually
  • Comprehensive care to patients in a single location
  • Team approach to establishing an effective and carefully designed diagnosis and treatment plan
  • Clinically effective program that measurably improves a patient's function
  • Cost-effective treatment

To ensure effective back and spine care, your treatment may involve many of the following specialties:

View a one-minute description of what multidisciplinary care means and why it benefits patients.