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How to Get an Appointment

Scheduling an appointment at the Spine Center

Very often, a patient comes to the Spine Center because they were specifically sent by their primary care provider, or they may choose to come on their own.

Provider refers patient to Spine Center

A patient's primary care provider would call the Spine Center and talk directly to an appointment scheduler. This person takes down information on the patient to complete a referral form. The information includes the clinical findings of the referring provider and a possible request for a specific provider within the Spine Center. The appointment scheduler confirms the selected provider and confirms the appropriate tests to be ordered in advance the appointment. This will make best use of time during the appointment with the Spine Center clinicians.

Appointment schedulers offer the first available appointment with a physical therapist (PT), nurse practitioner (NP), non-surgeon, or surgeon (if requested on the referral). They take into account the information noted on referral form and specialties of Spine Center providers.

For example, if the patient complained of the following:

  • Chronic pain, then they are scheduled with a rehabilitation specialist
  • Work injury (out of work or restricted duty), then scheduled with the occupational medicine team
  • Medication management (opioids), then scheduled with an anesthesiologist or pain specialist
  • Acute injury, then scheduled with a NP, PT, or non-surgeon

Patient self-refers to Spine Center

A patient may call the Spine Center and talk directly to an appointment scheduler. The patient is asked for specific information (e.g., demographics, insurance, current medical complaint, length of symptoms, previous treatment, past x-rays performed). Insurance company restrictions are reviewed and verified. The patient is offered the first available appointment for a comprehensive evaluation with a PT or NP.

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