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Online Gift Store

Dartmouth-Hitchcock offers several ways to purchase clothing and accessories featuring our logos.

Choose from a variety of clothes branded with one of our logos, as well as accessories such as water bottles and shopping bags.

  • D-H Branded Apparel by EmbroidMe

    Purchase outerwear, polos, and T-shirts featuring the CHaD or D-H logos from EmbroidMe.
    For more information, contact Sal Calautti at (603) 647-9994 or

  • D-H Branded Clothing and Accessories by Halo Branded Solutions

    Halo Branded Solutions can produce products imprinted with the D-H or CHaD logo. You can use the Halo site to generate ideas for your branded product, and then work direclty with Carol Sevey to place your order.
    For more information, contact Carol Sevey at (603) 961-0353 or

  • Friends of NCCC Store

    From beautiful bracelets to nifty accessories, it's easy to find just the right item to support Norris Cotton Cancer Center and the Prouty at the Friends of NCCC Store.