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Facebook Live: Diabetes Awareness Month

Richard Comi, MD

In the next in a series of Facebook Live sessions, Joanne Conroy, MD, CEO and President of Dartmouth-Hitchcock (D-H) and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health, will talk with Richard Comi, MD, Endocrinology, and professor of Medicine, Geisel School of Medicine. In support of Diabetes Awareness Month, they will discuss advances in diabetes treatment, living with diabetes and approaches to prevent diabetes. This Facebook Live session will be held on Monday, November 18, at 12 noon.

For those who want to tune in, go to the D-H Facebook page at the above date and time. To comment on or share the video, you will need to have a personal Facebook profile, but you can view the D-H Facebook page even if you are not logged in. On that day, if you are logged into your Facebook account and already "like" the D-H page, you will likely see a notification that the session is live. Submit questions in advance to

For those who are unable to tune in live, you can view an archived version on the D-H Facebook page. Dr. Conroy hosts the Facebook Live sessions monthly, featuring special guests to discuss topics of interest to the D-H Community. If you have suggestions for upcoming guests, please send your suggestions to