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Environmental Services Technician Travis Stover Wins Moses Award

Environmental Services Technician Travis Stover Wins Moses Award

Environmental Services technician Travis Stover radiates friendliness as he makes his cleaning rounds in the Pediatric and Neurology units of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center’s (DHMC) fifth floor inpatient tower. Patients, especially children, are delighted to see him and frequently greet him by name, and he clearly enjoys interacting with patients, families and nurses on these units.

“I say good morning to patients or give them a friendly wave and a smile because some of the patients can’t talk,” says Stover, who has worked at DHMC for 10 years. “And it brightens my day too, to hear them call out my name and say hi.”

Recently, Stover provided comfort to the family of a patient who was hospitalized on the Neurosurgery unit. The patient’s grateful sister nominated Stover for the Moses Award, which celebrates the patient-focused work of Environmental Technicians and is named for a janitor (Moses), who is featured in a video that focuses on the power of positive interactions with patients.

The patient’s sister wrote in her nomination letter: “My mother and I had spent a very long day at DHMC and Travis came by to clean and asked how our family member was doing. He was warm and friendly and took the time to provide comfort and a bright smile while he dusted and went about his job. Visiting with Travis was the highlight of our day!”

When asked how he felt after receiving the Moses Award, Stover says, “I felt awesome. I felt like I made a difference in somebody’s life and it really made me feel good. And it made me feel glad to be in my department and at this institution, as well.”

Environmental Services Manager Laurie Tostenson says Stover is always positive and rarely misses work. “Travis has a great smile and is happy to help anyone and everyone!” she says. “He’s reliable and consistent and wants to do the best work he can for the patients and his co-workers. We’re lucky to have him as a member of our team.”