Changes to myDH login

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To provide you with a better myDH user experience, including more details about your upcoming appointments and extra account security, we need you to verify your contact information before November 13, 2022. 

Your privacy is important to us

Please log in to your myDH account and verify that your mobile number and email address are correct. Text messages and emails from myDH will now contain additional information about your upcoming appointments.

New user name

You can now create a unique user name to log into your myDH account instead of using an email address. This feature is helpful if you share the same email address with another family member.

Extra security using two-factor authentication

When you log into myDH, you will be asked to enter a code that will be sent to either your email or mobile number on file. This is called “two-factor authentication.” This added layer of protection helps to make sure that only you can access your ,myDH account and sensitive medical information.

Exam and appointment ticket scheduling – coming soon!

In the near future, you also will be able to quickly and easily schedule exams or appointments using a ticket system through myDH.

Find more information about myDH here.