Uploading Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card to myD-H

COVID-19 vaccination card

To upload your COVID-19 vaccination card using your myD-H account:

  • From the menu tab, scroll to the menu item COVID-19 under the My Record tab.
  • Click on Enter Vaccine Details to display the COVID-19 vaccination questionnaire.
  • Choose the manufacturer of the vaccine you were given.
  • Follow the question prompts and answer all of the questions.
  • Click on Add a Document. A new window will open to attach a copy of your vaccination card. This is just like adding a file to an email.
  • When your card has uploaded, your screen will look like this:

Screen shot COVID-19 vaccination card 1

  • When you’ve added all the needed information, the “continue” button should be green.

    Screen shot COVID-19 vaccination card 2
  • You will have a chance to review your information and make changes. If anything is incorrect, click on the blue pencil to make edits.

    Screen shot COVID-19 vaccination card 3

  • When you are done, click the green submit button.

To open a myD-H account, request a code at myD-H.org. Click on the “create an account” button under the sign in to request an activation code.