Our Patients. Their Stories.

Liz Towne

Our Patients. Their Stories. Liz Towne

Liz Towne spent 336 days at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center recovering from COVID-19 and a spinal cord stroke, a rare side effect of the disease and treatment.

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Joe Shattie

Our Patients. Their Stories. Joe Shattie

After surviving three separate cardiac arrests over 25 years, he is raising awareness about the importance of taking care of your health—and never taking it for granted.

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Naser Jaleel and Juanita Fugere

Our Patients. Their Stories. Juanita Fugere

After surgery to remove a tumor from her spine, Juanita Fugere had one goal: to walk unassisted into her follow-up appointment with her surgeon Naser Jaleel, MD, which she did.

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Ron Routhier on motorcycle

Our Patients. Their Stories. Ron Routhier

An in-depth look at Ron Routhier’s aggressive prostate cancer and an out-of-the-box approach to treatment have given him years to his life that he wasn’t expecting.

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Rhett, Rachel, Troy and Hayden

New Babies Reveal Silver Linings in Long Pandemic Year

Thanks to the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Birthing Pavilion staff's expertise delivering babies during COVID-19, the Collins' family got a lot of appreciated attention welcoming their new son Rhett.

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Olivia Tanner

Shedding Light on GLUT1 DS: Olivia’s Story

Thanks to the partnership between CHaD Pediatric Neurologist Richard P. Morse, MD, and Olivia's mom, Elizabeth, she is able to thrive living with GLUT1 DS, a rare genetic condition.

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George T. Blike, MD

Our Patients. Their Stories. George T. Blike, MD

Blike donated one of his kidneys through the National Kidney Registry's Voucher Program to help his son, who will need a kidney transplant in the future.

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Adam Dumont lifting weights

Our Patients. Their Stories. Adam Dumont

Adam Dumont tells his story of a devastating motorcycle accident and the care he received at Dartmouth-Hitchcock to help him recover.

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Dia Draper portrait

Life in Cancer Survivorship: Dia Draper

Four years after completing treatment for colon cancer, Dia Draper reflects on life in survivorship and the complex emotions and changes in life perspective that come along with surviving a serious illness.

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Seth Corbeil

Our Patients. Their Stories. Seth Corbeil

After a serious fall off his bike, 12-year-old Seth Corbeil spent a few weeks in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at CHaD, right in the midst of COVID-19.

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