COVID-19 and Substance Use Disorders Resources

Policies, resources, and practices to support care of people with substance use disorders (SUDs) during the current COVID pandemic are changing rapidly.

Below are some links that may be helpful to keep up with the issues as they evolve and some resources to share with others. We will make every effort to update as new information and resources become available.

NEW: Survey Report on COVID-19 & Substance Use in New Hampshire (PDF)

COVID-SUD state and federal policies

Prescribing and telehealth regulatory changes relevant to treatment of SUD including MAT

Privacy and confidentiality changes relevant to telehealth and treatment of SUD

More information/resources on policies related to COVID, SUD and telehealth

Clinical and patient support materials for care during COVID

General COVID and SUD related information

Online mutual support group platforms and resources to support care while social distancing

Recorded webinars on COVID-19 and the needs of the SUD community

Webinars on COVID-19 and the needs of the SUD community that we serve are hosted by David de Gijsel, MD, MSc, MPH, Infectious Disease Specialist at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Assistant Professor at Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine, and Medical Director of Better Life Partners.

Downloadable recovery support apps to support care while social distancing

Mindfulness apps to support SUD recovery and well-being while social distancing

Provider self-care resources