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Hearing Aids

The following agencies may be able to help you find hearing aids.

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Phone Number Comments
Audient (877) AUDIENT or (877) 283-4368 Alliance for Accessible Hearing Care
Disabled Children's Relief Fund (516) 377-1605  
Granite State Independent Living (800) 826-3700 Note: All other comparable benefits must be accessed before applying
Harry Alan Gregg Foundation (603) 547-3311 ext. 401  
Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment Fund (HIKE Fund)    
Hear Now (800) 648-4327 Used behind-the-ear bank
National Hearing Aid Help Line (800) 521-5247 Call after 10:00 a.m.
New Hampshire Medicaid (603) 271-4359 Contact: Peg Clifford
Sight and Hearing Foundation of NH, Inc. (603) 888-9029 or (603) 566-0516 Contact: Charlene Provencal, Lion's Club
Veteran's Administration (603) 624-4366  

Other resources

  • Local community organizations and clubs such as Rotary or Catholic churches, even if you are not Catholic
  • Vocational Rehabilitation for the state of New Hampshire (If hearing loss affects your employment):
    Concord Regional Office: (603) 271-2327
    Manchester Regional Office: (603) 669-8733
    Nashua Regional Office: (603) 889-6844