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Clinic Visits

When you leave the hospital, you will receive an appointment card for a follow-up clinic visit.

This is usually for the third day after your discharge from the hospital. Please come an hour early for this appointment so we can take some lab tests to track your progress and find any potential problems.

Although the schedule of clinic visits can vary, most patients have follow-up appointments twice a week for the first two weeks after transplantation surgery, and once a week for the next two weeks. In the second month after surgery, most patients have follow-up appointments every other week, and then once a month until the sixth month after surgery. You'll come in for an appointment one year after your tranplantation surgery, and once a year afterwards.

At these visits, you can meet with any member of your transplant team. The visits usually last about thirty minutes.

What is expected of you at the clinic visits

  • Bring your medication list and post-surgery handbook (given to you before you leave the hospital).
  • We'll ask about your current weight, blood pressure, and pulse, so make sure you have a scale and blood pressure cuff at home.
  • It is important to come to appointments on time so the transplant team can give their full attention to any problems you may have

At the end of the clinic visit we'll give you instructions on when to return to the clinic, and when to get lab tests. Because some lab results won't be available until after you have left the clinic, we may sometimes call you after your visit to change your medication dosages.

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