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About the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Transplant Center

Our Transplant Center provides excellent clinical care and advanced surgical techniques. Our rate of transplantation is two to three times faster than national and regional averages. We also have among the shortest waiting times for kidney transplantation in New England.

Our program has been expanded to serve younger children and we are now seeing patients at both our Bedford and Lebanon locations for pre-transplant and post-transplant care.

Excellent clinical care

Photo of Dr. Axelrod with patient

We perform over 50 kidney transplants a year and our dedicated clinical team has more than twenty years of experience managing transplant recipients.

We have very low organ rejection rates (less than 5 percent) and excellent kidney transplant survival rates (greater than 95 percent after one year).

We use low-dose immunosuppression therapy, which lowers a recipient's chances of infection and having other complications after a transplant. Where appropriate, we use one medication (Tacrolimus) for long-term immunosuppression. For most patients, we do not use steroids after six weeks following a transplant.

Advanced surgical techniques for donors

We only use laparoscopic surgery to remove kidneys from living donors. This minimally-invasive technique reduces the pain and discomfort for the donor, and allows an earlier return to work. Because there are only three small incisions, laparoscopic surgery creates less scarring than other types of surgery.

Rapid evaluation and listing

We evaluate you quickly, and add you to our list for transplantation as soon as possible. This makes sure that you have the best opportunity to receive a transplanted organ.

A living donor transplant coordinator, assigned to assist you during the transplant process, makes sure potential donors are evaluated promptly.

Working with your local hospital and physicians, we arrange for necessary tests to be performed close to your home. This limits your driving time, and reduces delays.

Convenience and accessibility

Your dedicated transplant coordinator, assigned to assist you during the transplant process, is available on-call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are located very close to Interstate 89 for easy access. Get directions.

Several affordable hotels close to the medical center allow family and friends to stay with you during the time of the transplant.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock kidney transplant graft survival rates

"Graft survival" means that the kidney transplant was successful, and the transplanted kidney functioned normally. These survival rates do not indicate how long the kidney recipient survived after transplantation surgery.

Graph of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Graft Survival Rates

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