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A Patient's Experience of Sacral Nerve Stimulation Therapy

Crystal Hansen has four children. Her bladder troubles began after the last one was born. She underwent sacral nerve stimulation therapy in January 2007 and gives this account of her experiences.

Crystal HansenMy problems began about 25 years ago after my fourth child was born, but in the last five or six years, it had become unbearable. I was going to the bathroom about 30 times a day. I would even stop drinking anything just so I could go less. I had no capacity to hold anything. But I became severely dehydrated.

So I went to my general practitioner and tried all different kinds of medication but nothing worked. I had had a suspension surgery after my fourth child, 25 years ago, but the effect didn't last either.

Then I went to see a urologist near my home but he said he couldn't fix the problem. So I called for a second opinion and saw a gynecologist in Berlin, who referred me to DHMC.

In January, 2007, I had the temporary sacral nerve stimulation implant and felt 90 percent better the first day. I actually slept for five hours straight that night. In the past, I would need to go to the bathroom every hour at night. The urgency and frequency are gone. Later that month, I received the actual implant.

I'm a new woman now. I no longer have to plot my course when I go on a trip. I know I can hold it now.

My experience was unbelievable. It was the best. I was overwhelmed with the compassion and professionalism of the entire department. I actually sent the entire staff a thank you card. Dr. Whiteside is the greatest man. I told him, "Thank you for changing my life. I had a terrible situation that I thought could not be fixed."

My family life has improved 100 percent. I don't have the stress and guilt. I wanted to lead an active life but every 20 minutes I'd need to find a bathroom. My quality of life has improved 100 percent.

The surgery did not hurt. I haven't had any side effects. I'd say don't hesitate to have the sacral nerve stimulation therapy. It will change your life.

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