Testimonials for the Value Institute Learning Center

The Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center Yellowbelt training program is professional, comprehensive and worth the time and energy. The instructors are highly skilled in process improvement concepts and tools with agility in leading small and large groups. They meet the individual learners at their level of experience and support and challenge them to move on to the next. We have had over 100+ divisional participants complete the training, with many putting their newly acquired skills to work as Yellow and Green Belt project team participants to impact patient care and operational functions.

Dwayna Covey, MEd, Vice President, Center for Learning and Professional Development

I realized how important it is to implement and work on change management from the beginning of a project, and share with staff as you go through. Allow input from everyone so they feel like they are part of a team, and a part of the process that’s implementing change. That’s something huge I learned from class.

Chris Killam, Unit Nurse Manager, Post-Anesthesia Care Unit

I was excited to be able to go through this training and really get into developing tools to not only use in a project, but to also establish a toolbox that helps to improve my efficiency at my job, and for projects that benefit the entire clinic.

Chelsea Worthen, Director Operations, Primary Care and Dermatology

An organization that offers this training is tremendous. Some places are lucky if they have either a Yellowbelt or a Greenbelt class. From a class standpoint, it was helpful to understand the detail and science behind it. If you’re looking at the most efficient way to do things, this helps simplify the process to create a better patient experience. Here at D-H, it’s spread across all different areas, putting Greenbelt-level managers and advisory staff into areas where they have a lot of ability to push improvement and drive change—it’s really powerful.

Thomas Siepka, Vice President, Systems Pharmacy Outreach