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A Mindful Start to the New Year: Setting Intentions in a Joyful and Grounded Way for 2020


Healing Arts: Dartmouth-Hitchcock Women's Health Resource Center

Date and Time

Saturday, January 4, 2020
10 am to 12:30 pm


Women's Health Resource Center
9 Hanover Street
Lebanon, NH

The restful days after the holidays are an excellent time to look ahead to our hopes and dreams for the New Year. With the tool of mindfulness, we can refine our understanding of what we’ve learned in past years as we’ve navigated the inevitable challenges of life. With this understanding, we can more clearly and wisely set intentions for our paths going forward.  This may include carving out time for meditation practice, carrying out a creative project or planning a sustainable healthy diet and exercise routine. Many begin the New Year with ambitious plans that are all too often abandoned by late January.  This workshop is geared to prevent that from occurring by grounding our intentions in positive emotions and practicality.  This approach anticipates and reduces the power of distractions to separate us from what matters most to us.

 Our time together will include some meditation, journaling, creative activities and group discussion.  It will be fun and purposeful.  We will explore what intention setting means and how to keep our deepest wishes close and active as we move forward in time.
Landon Hall,MA, English; CMT (Certified Mindfulness Teacher)