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Renal Dialysis

DHMC's Chronic Dialysis Unit is located on Etna Road. More information.

The mission of the Renal Dialysis Department at Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital is to provide comprehensive renal replacement therapy by a multidisciplinary patient care team.

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This team, consisting of Physicians, Registered Nurses, Patient Care Technicians/LNAs, Renal Social Workers and a Renal Dietitian, administers and/or coordinates a broad spectrum of services to the renal dialysis population.

As an End Stage Renal Disease Program at DHMC, the treatment options offered include outpatient chronic renal dialysis management, in-center hemodialysis, "acute" hemodialysis treatments, home peritoneal dialysis and renal transplantation.

DHMC serves patients from the Upper Connecticut Valley, which includes the states of Vermont and New Hampshire with a geographic radius in excess of 150 miles.

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